GOP Rep Praying for McCarthy After Former Speaker Reportedly Hit Him

You know things are bad for you as an ex-speaker of the House when the people who took you down are using the “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed” line on you — particularly after you allegedly elbow him in the kidneys. Yet, that’s where Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett is. Just days after an incident in which former Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy gave him — one of the Republicans McCarthy dubbed the “crazy eight” for voting against him in a motion to vacate — an elbow, Burchett effectively gave that answer regarding where he is on the situation and says that “I pray for him.” Burchett, who said he hadn’t spoken to McCarthy since the ouster, had been giving an interview to NPR on Tuesday when the incident occurred. “Burchett stumbled forward and yelled after McCarthy, ‘Why’d you elbow me in the back, Kevin?! Hey, Kevin, you got any guts?!’” NPR reported. “Burchett then called McCarthy a ‘jerk’ and chased him down the hallway. When he caught up to him, he said, ‘What kind of chicken move is that? You’re pathetic, man. You are so pathetic.’” Video doesn’t exist of the incident and McCarthy is chalking it up to a “tight hallway,” which is downright hilarious — he’s been in Congress how many years now and the one legislator he has an “altercation” with in a “tight hallway” happens to be one of his political enemies du jour? — but prima facie absurd. Burchett is still standing by his version of events but, again, is using that old dad “not angry, just disappointed” line on McCarthy. “He got me, right in the kidneys. I mean, I’ve had that before,” Burchett told Newsman Tuesday. “I’m not going to the hospital or I’m not filing an ethics complaint on him.” Burchett went on to say that “it’s just who he is, and it’s unfortunate.” “That stated, I pray for him, I pray for him today,” Burchett said. “I’m not angry with him, I’m disappointed, and I hope he finds some happiness somewhere.” “He’s got $17 million in security detail, so I guess he can find some happiness there,” Burchett added, just to throw a bit of acid into the mix.
In an appearance on Newsmax the following morning, Burchett continued to reiterate that he was praying for McCarthy, but emphasized (again, with more than a touch of acid) that he was ultimately fine. “I’ve got a 16-year-old daughter, she’s hit me harder, probably,” Burchett joked.
Of course, jokes aside, this certainly isn’t an inappropriate reaction to the situation. Yes, Burchett may have taken an alleged physical attack from a former speaker who’s turned into a bully — but from the available evidence, he’s a bit more at peace than McCarthy is, that’s for sure. In addition to wide elbows in the hallways of Congress, McCarthy has taken to whining about the conservatives who deposed him to CNN, thus completing the circle of life when it comes to Republican speakership: A fresh face claims they’re the vanguard of conservative principles, then is surprised that conservatives in the Republican caucus actually expect him to follow through on that decision, then resigns bitterly and gets a job with the media, usually as the token Not That Kind of Republican™ who is nominally GOP leaning but gives cover to attacks against actual governing conservatives. (See also: Navarro, Ana.) Whether it’s punditry or lobbying, one thing is for sure: Kevin McCarthy needs prayers more than he needs a new, well-remunerated gig. We’re not angry with him, after all. We’re just disappointed.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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