GOP Rep. Mace Tells Off Hunter Biden to His Face During Congressional Hearing

GOP Rep. Mace Tells Off Hunter Biden to His Face During Congressional Hearing

When Hunter Biden crashed Wednesday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee, he might have thought he was being a hero, but Rep. Nancy Mace wasn’t having it.

The infuriatingly arrogant first son turned up on Capitol Hill flanked by his criminal attorney, Abbe Lowell, and his Hollywood buddy, Kevin Morris, apparently just to provoke Republicans already pushing to charge him for blowing off a subpoena last month.

But he might not have reckoned on Mace, the South Carolina Republican who became a verbal machine gun peppering Biden with insults that hit home.

“My first question is, who bribed Hunter Biden to be here today?” Mace said said after being recognized by Chairman James Comer.

Then she dropped the pretense of questions and launched into some basic statements of fact — facts the Biden White House and its Democratic supporters don’t want Americans talking about.

“You are the epitome of white privilege coming into the Oversight Committee spitting in our face, ignoring a congressional subpoena to be deposed,” she said.

“What are you afraid of? You have no balls.”

Check it out below:

(Warning: There are about 30 seconds worth of Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Adam Schiff wannabe from Maryland, that might offend viewers with a respect for decency.)

The voice interrupting Mace was identified by the liberal website Mediaite as Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Florida Democrat.

He wanted to take a vote on whether the committee would hear from Hunter right then and there.

Mace had a better idea.

“I think that Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now, and go straight to jail,” she said.

Of course, Hunter wasn’t going to jail right then. With a father who’s the president of the United States and a Justice Department that has lost all sense of either honor or purpose, he’s not likely to go to jail anytime soon, if ever.

That was clearly the message behind his little stunt Wednesday. After very publicly blowing off an under-oath interview with the Oversight Committee in mid-December, holding an impromptu news conference on the Senate side of Capitol Hill instead, Hunter showed up on the day the committee was voting on whether to hold him in contempt simply to demonstrate his contempt.

With an attitude that reeked of privilege and unaccountability, he basically dared the lawmakers to do something about him. Naturally, his father’s bootlicking fellow Democrats fell over themselves to protect him, but the Republicans weren’t nearly so inclined.


The climax of the little comedy came when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the redoubtable Georgia Republican, was about to speak and Hunter and his two-man entourage rose like offended princesses and stalked from the room.

Greene, as is her wont, was brutally mocking as Biden left.

“Excuse me, Hunter, apparently you’re afraid of my words,” Greene said.

“Whoa …. awe. I’d like to reclaim my time, Mr. Chairman.

“Wow, that’s too bad.”

The Republican X account RNC Research summed it up in one sentence: “What a coward.”

In a way, the whole drama summed up the three years of the Biden administration in a nutshell: total arrogance on the part of the Biden administration; utter subservience on the part of congressional Democrats (with the hearts of lions when Donald Trump was president but pure lapdog subservience with the Joe Biden in power); and with the smirking Hunter Biden at its center, a contemptuous lowlife, surrounded by lowlifes, demonstrating nothing but utter disrespect for the country, its institutions and the law.

The hell of it is, he’s going to be hailed for it by the establishment media and the Hollywood left. (The writing rooms for Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon probably have the gags targeting Mace and Greene ready for taping already. Can a stomach-turning “SNL” skit be far behind?)

But Hunter’s no hero. And with every passing stunt like this (possibly aimed at providing more footage for the documentary Hunter’s making, with the backing of his “sugar brother” Morris.) the American people are seeing it.

He’s an international grifter and a known tax cheat, a lifelong loser who’s “business” career depended on running bag for his father, who cheated on his own wife with his dead brother’s widow, and did everything he could to abandon the daughter the whole country knew he had.

That’s the trashy scion of the trashy family Americans have in their White House.

Hopefully after November, the country won’t be having it either.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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