GOP Rep Goes Off on Democrat Defending Mayorkas: ‘I Live in a Border State – You Don’t’

GOP Rep Goes Off on Democrat Defending Mayorkas: ‘I Live in a Border State – You Don’t’

A confrontation between two members of the House Homeland Security Committee was a perfect example of how bureaucrats imposing flawed immigration policies in faraway D.C. often becomes a life-threatening proposition for Americans in border states.

During a Wednesday committee hearing, GOP Texas Rep. Michael McCaul called out Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his “complicity in the unprecedented border crisis,” McCaul said in a news release.

“Sir, I would argue that you have been aiding and abetting the deaths and the criminal enterprise that has occurred in this nation,” the congressman said.

Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman of New York was aghast at those comments and called McCaul’s criticism “unwarranted.”

“I think it’s incredibly dangerous to accuse Secretary Mayorkas of aiding and abetting crimes. As you well know, you need to have the intent to do that,” Goldman told McCaul.

“Whether you disagree or not with Secretary Mayorkas’ approach to dealing with the border … to accuse him of aiding [and] abetting crime is very serious and is, I think, unwarranted in this situation,” the New York Democrat scolded.

McCaul, though, saw no reason to back down from his criticism. In fact, he doubled down.

“Look, I live in a border state — you don’t,” McCaul said in response. “I’ve dealt with this issue for 25 years. I’ve never seen it this bad.”

“It’s his dereliction of duty that has created this problem in the United States,” McCaul said, pointing at Mayorkas. “I have to say that the change of policy has created this problem, and he knows better.”


McCaul is hardly the only one criticizing Mayorkas. House Republicans issued a damning report on Mayorkas’ failures just this week showing how his policies are costing billions of tax dollars while failing to keep this country safe.

That isn’t even to mention the dozens of people on the terror watchlist whom DHS and immigration authorities have caught crossing our borders — at least one of whom they’ve simply released into the U.S.

McCaul is right. Mayorkas is directly aiding and abetting the criminals who are sending terrorists, killer drugs, trafficked women and children, and all sorts of dangers right into our heartland.

Mayorkas is not just a hapless bureaucrat whose policies happened to backfire. He is a perpetrator.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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