GOP Rep. Comer Lets Hunter Biden Know the Clock Is Ticking: ‘We Can Connect the Dots’

GOP Rep. Comer Lets Hunter Biden Know the Clock Is Ticking: ‘We Can Connect the Dots’

Tick-tock. It is only a matter of time.

Last week, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden and other family members and associates of President Joe Biden as part of an investigation into alleged influence-peddling, according to Newsmax.

On Thursday, GOP Committee Chair James Comer of Kentucky told Newsmax that Hunter Biden will testify before the committee by Dec. 4.

On the morning program “Wake Up America,” Comer said, “We said by Dec. 4, and we expect to have him here on Capitol Hill Dec. 4 or earlier. Now, we haven’t heard from his attorney, but obviously, we know they received the subpoena, because what do they do just days later? They subpoena Donald Trump [in Hunter Biden’s federal gun case].”

Trump, the liberals evidently believe, is the devil himself and responsible for all sins, even those of the Biden crime family.

“They’re always going to try to blame it on Trump somehow, the money they’ve taken from China and Romania. But at the end of the day, we’re ready to bring Hunter Biden in because we have the bank records. We can connect the dots.”

Comer said the committee will ask Biden about specific bank transactions. It’s hard to lie about established facts like bank records.

Nevertheless, Hunter Biden is reportedly looking forward to taking the stand and may not opt to take the Fifth, according to Newsmax. But even if Hunter Biden clams up by pleading the Fifth, he’ll look guilty. If he’s stupid enough to lie to Congress, then the ticking of the clock will grow louder by the second.

The Oversight Committee obtained financial records that Comer claims show that the Biden family set up more than 20 shell companies to hide payments from foreign adversaries. If this turns out to be true — and at this point, there’s no reason to think it won’t — it will show the Bidens were intentionally stashing money. Why? Could it be they knew that what they were doing was illegal?

The fact that most of the shell companies were created when Joe Biden was vice president under President Barack Obama makes the whole thing stink even worse.

“Just imagine the last three transactions that we’ve found, which total half a million dollars,” Comer continued. “The Biden White House said they were all three loans from three different sources.

“Now that we have a majority of the bank records for the president’s son and brother, I can tell you there’s just an enormous amount of what they call loans being deposited in their account. But one thing I haven’t found is where they make payments on the loans, much less interest on the loans.

“So … I don’t believe that the money that Joe Biden received from his brother was a loan,” Comer said, “but because the media is saying that, then that’s the final verdict, I guess. But at the end of the day, the money to repay Joe’s loan came from influence peddling.”

Mainstream media can’t create reality, though they try to. The final verdict will be based on evidence, not manufactured narratives.

Hunter Biden isn’t the only one who has been subpoenaed. Hunter’s uncle, James Biden, has also been called to testify, along with Sarah Biden (James’ wife), Melissa Cohen (Hunter’s wife), Hallie Biden, (wife of Hunter’s deceased brother Beau Biden and Hunter’s ex-fling) and Elizabeth Secundy (Hallie’s sister).

It sounds like a dingy episode of “Dallas” that could be called “Secrets of D.C.” Do you think they’re all going to tell the same story under pressure? They may have memorized the script, but will they forget their lines when they’re on stage?

Entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris, who allegedly loaned Hunter Biden millions of dollars to pay back taxes, has also been subpoenaed.

“This Kevin Morris, the newest person that we’re bringing in to question,” Comer explained, “he’s loaned Hunter millions of dollars to pay his IRS back taxes, and we believe he has a great deal of knowledge about an ongoing influence-peddling scheme that’s taking place as we speak, while Joe Biden’s president.”

Comer and company have loads of circumstantial evidence implicating the Biden family in a political influence-peddling scheme in which they received payoffs from our enemies around the world. Putting the players on the stand one by one and asking specific questions may flesh out the circumstantial evidence into something so solid it cannot be denied. If it looks like an influence-peddling scheme and walks like one …

In this case, the truth may not set the Biden crime family free. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, especially if you’re Hunter Biden.

No matter how it plays out, the American people have the right to know just how corrupt the Biden family is.




This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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