GOP Rep: Bad 2020 Census Deprived TX of at Least 1 Electoral Vote, Gave GOP the Shaft in 9 Other States Too

Why is it that every time deep state bureaucrats err, the mistake seems to favor the Democrats and disadvantage Republicans? Texas Rep. Troy Nehls didn’t ask precisely that question regarding undercount and overcount data released earlier this year by the Census Bureau, but he could have. The count data was released by the Census Bureau on May 19, and if you expected the errors to be nonpartisan, you’re going to be disappointed. Given that you’re reading about this on The Western Journal, however, I’m willing to bet that you’re too smart to have expected the errors to be nonpartisan. Of the 51 states plus D.C., the findings of the “Post-Enumeration Survey” conducted by the bureau showed that counts were relatively accurate in 37. The other 14, however, were more problematic. The state populations of Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas were undercounted. Of those six, only one — Illinois — could be considered a blue state. The rest are pretty solidly red, although Florida has had its purple moments over the past couple of decades. The eight overcounted states included Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Utah. All of these are clearly blue states, with the exceptions of red Utah and purple Ohio. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s 10 states whose counts favored Democrats, two that favored Republicans, and two that were — at least arguably — neutral. Now, that could all be coincidence, but, to paraphrase Hannibal Lecter: Doesn’t this random scattering of states seem desperately random — like the elaborations of a bad liar? “Achieving an accurate count for all 50 states and DC is always a difficult endeavor, and these results suggest it was difficult again in 2020, particularly given the unprecedented challenges we faced,” Census Bureau Director Robert Santos said. Just the News translated “unprecedented challenges” into “the COVID-19 pandemic,” which, under the circumstances, is probably about right. To make matters worse, Nehls said that the undercounting in Texas — estimated by the Census Bureau as minus 1.92 percent — was enough to cost them a seat in the House of Representatives — and therefore, in the Electoral College. At best, that’s incompetence interfering in the American electoral process. Of course, it could also be something more nefarious. “The numbers don’t lie,” Nehls told Just the News. “Texas was undercounted by 2%, which means we were cheated out of an additional seat in Congress. And four other Republican states were as well. As a result, these red states have less representation in Congress, fewer votes in the Electoral College, and therefore receive less federal funding.” “This wasn’t a coincidence because things like this don’t just happen,” he said. “The bureaucrats in Washington have an agenda. They want Democrats in power and won’t let anything get in their way. We must get to the bottom of what happened.” The Texas Republican said he expected an investigation from the House, assuming the GOP wins back control next month. He also fired the first shot across the deep state’s bow last week in the form of a letter to Census Bureau Director Robert Santos asking why the miscounting was skewed so heavily in one direction. “As a result, these blue states will now have more representation in Congress, more votes in the Electoral College, and receive more federal funds than they should,” the congressman wrote, according to Just the News. “This is deeply concerning for the legitimacy of our Democracy,” he wrote. “I think it is essential for Congress to find out how and why these grievous errors occurred, and I commend Rep. Nehls for trying to get answers from the Census Bureau,” said Hans von Sparkovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, in a statement emailed to me from Rep. Nehls’ office. The full text of the letter appears here:

Nehls Letter on Census by The Western Journal on Scribd

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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