GOP Lt. Gov Slams Pelosi After She Meddles in Her State: ‘Take Care of Your Own Backyard’

GOP Lt. Gov Slams Pelosi After She Meddles in Her State: ‘Take Care of Your Own Backyard’

Nancy Pelosi thinks she has the standing to criticize Virginia. But the Commonwealth’s Lt. Governor apparently sees no reason why she should sit idly by and take criticism from a representative of San Francisco, one of the most failed cities in one of the most failed states in America.

Republican Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears took aim at the two-time Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was one of the most divisive speakers in modern times, after Pelosi began meddling in Virginia’s elections by sending out videos urging voters to stay true and blue in the Old Dominion.

Pelosi had joined forces with Democratic Virginia state Senator Louise Lucas for a video message to voters as they go to the polls on Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

The two Democrats warned voters about a woman’s “right” to abortion and attacked “MAGA Republican extremists.”

In her video message, Pelosi claimed that Democrats have “momentum” in the Virginia election.

“Democrats have momentum. Virginians will be voting to protect women’s rights, fund public education, and address the kitchen table needs of working families,” she bloviated.

For her part, Lucas had a message for voters to tell Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin.

“Tell Glenn Youngkin and Donald Trump to stay the hell out of your doctor’s office,” she said

Sears though was not content to let this video slide by unaddressed. As the Examiner notes, Sears appeared on WMAL Radio and told Pelosi to worry about her own failed district back in California before mouthing off about other states.

“Why don’t you take care of your own backyard before you start talking about us, Nancy Pelosi?” Sears stated, adding, “You got enough problems of your own. Handle that first and maybe we’ll listen to you.”

“Has anyone asked Nancy Pelosi when they are going to start cleaning up the filth and the literal feces that are lining the businesses?” Sears continued. “Has anyone asked Nancy Pelosi if she is going to take care of the people who are leaving?”

Virginia, which has been a see-saw battleground between the parties for years, is undergoing a tough battle as Republicans hold a very slim majority in the State House and hold all the top state-wide offices, while Democrats control the Senate, Ballotpedia notes. But the GOP only holds a four-seat majority in the lower chamber, giving Democrats hope for retaking control of the House, a control they have not had since 2021.

But Sears is right. Why should the voters of Virginia listen to anything Nancy Pelosi has to say? The district she represents in San Francisco is one of the most failed districts in America.

It has high crime, a huge homelessness problem, is losing more businesses every day, and is suffering an ever-increasing number of citizens fleeing and moving away to escape the city’s rapid deterioration.

It’s is so bad in San Francisco that authorities are warning federal and state employees not to even come to work in the government office building actually named for Nancy Pelosi because the conditions there are too dangerous for them.

Under Republican Governor Glenn Younkin, Virginia is starting to head in the right direction. Returning the Commonwealth back into the hands of the Democrats would be a huge mistake.

And taking advice from someone like Pelosi — who can’t even solve the problems in her own district — would be an even bigger mistake.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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