GOP Lawmaker Abruptly Quits with 2 Years Still Left in His Term

Republican state Sen. Dallas Heard of Oregon has tendered his resignation despite having two more years left in his term, citing the “ever-growing movement of evil rising that is determined to take our children’s hearts and minds away from their parents.” He made his announcement in a one-sentence letter Thursday to state Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp, saying his resignation is effective Jan. 1, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. Heard went further in a news release the same day, expressing frustration with the dismal GOP turnout in the midterm elections, which saw Democrats retain control of both the Oregon House and Senate. “We have been losing this state and nation because collectively we are doing almost nothing to fight the good fight,” he wrote, according to the Northwest Observer. “Roughly 50% of conservative registered voters chose not to vote in this year’s Oregon General Election. We must do better than this if we hope to stand a chance.” Heard — who has been an elected official for eight years — said he will “retire for now from this level of public service, until my children are at an age where they are more ready to face the world on their own.” Essentially, the outgoing senator suggested he wanted to spend more time raising his sons so they can effectively navigate an increasingly evil world. “The country as a whole has seen an ever-growing movement of evil rising that is determined to take our children’s hearts and minds away from their parents,” Heard wrote. “I have wrestled with this decision for the past several months,” he said. “In the end, I decided that until my sons are several years older, they must be my full focus and priority.” While Heard’s abrupt resignation may seem unexpected, he signaled his mounting frustration with the GOP’s inability — or refusal — to counter Democrats’ aggressive tactics. Earlier this year, Heard resigned as the chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, citing his revulsion with “the godless Left” and the “communist psychological warfare tactics” used within his own party to bully critics. In his March 2021 resignation letter published by KDRV-TV in Medford, Oregon, Heard said the toxic infighting within the GOP had broken his spirit. “I must warn you good people in our party that we truly have an equal, if not greater, evil than the Democrats, walking among us,” he wrote. “Communist psychological warfare tactics are being used daily within the party.” He continued: “The endless slander, gossip, conspiracies, sabotage, lies, hatred, pointless criticism, blocking of ideas, and mutiny brought against my administration has done what I once never thought possible. “They have broken my spirit. I can face the Democrats with courage and conviction, but I can’t fight my own people too.” The senator warned other Republicans to stamp out treachery within the party if the GOP wants to win elections going forward. “I will say that ignoring the wickedness within our organization would be a mistake,” he wrote. “It must be exposed and removed if this party is to be relevant in supporting Republican candidates in a meaningful way that leads to actual election victories.” Heard’s smackdown of the Oregon GOP mirrors the frustration and disgust that many Republicans have with their own leaders. The Republican Party has shown again and again that it lacks the backbone to fight fire with fire against Democrats, who have made aggressive strides to erode election integrity, normalize transgenderism among children and incentivize mass illegal immigration — all while wasting billions of your tax dollars to defend the sovereignty of foreign nations. Democrats shamelessly weaponize U.S. intelligence agencies, the corporate media, social media networks, Hollywood and our educational system to push leftist talking points as mainstream ideas and silence their conservative opponents. The GOP has nothing close to this kind of stranglehold on all levers of society, and it’s unwilling to do what it takes to promote a pro-America, conservative agenda. How many more good Republican lawmakers have to resign in disgust before the party wakes up from its stupor? This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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