GOP Congresswoman: Terrorist Attack on US Soil ‘Very Likely’ Thanks to Biden

The attack on Israel by Hamas is one of the most horrific events in recent times. The stories of people kidnapped, women raped, and babies beheaded have shocked the world and devastated all civilized people. But the fact that this could happen in such a highly guarded and technically savvy country raises the question — could this happen in America? It has been 22 years since 9/11, the largest security failure in our nation’s history. We have made many changes to the way we live our lives since then. But 22 years later, could it happen again? Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida thinks so. In an interview on Fox News with “Primetime” host Jesse Watters, Luna expressed her concerns about the open border. “These cartels are indeed working, from different reports that we’re seeing, with these terrorist organizations,” Luna said, “and the fact is… that the likelihood of a terrorist attack here on U.S. territory, especially because of the fact that so many people have slipped through our southern border, is very likely, and it’s concerning.” Luna added that there were reports of people coming in from CCP-controlled parts of China as well as parts of Africa. “But you know what’s interesting, Jesse?” Luna continued, “…the Biden administration and the Democrat machine really push an open border message in the efforts to target Hispanic Americans. “They lied to the American people, saying that this was, you know, just people that wanted to come here and work. The fact is that the people coming here, especially the people on that watch list, they are not here to be our friends. “As you saw with footage coming out of Iran, they are chanting ‘Death to America, Death to Israel,’ and what we’re seeing happening in Israel could very really happen here in the United States,” she said. These are not scare tactics on the part of Luna, who is herself the first Mexican-American woman elected to Congress from Florida. Fox News national correspondent, Bill Melugin, reported, Tuesday, that in the fiscal year 2023, “151 people on the FBI’s terror watchlist have been arrested by border patrol while they were crossing illegally here at our Southern Border” — the highest number on record and also higher than the previous six years combined. The highest number of people on the watchlist under former president Donald Trump was six. Melugin also shared internal CBP data leaked to Fox from CBP sources, which showed that thousands of “special interest aliens,” from countries that have “conditions that favor terrorism,” have been arrested by Border Patrol while crossing into the country illegally over the last two years. The list showed 6,386 aliens from Afghanistan, 659 from Iran and 30,830 from Turkey. Other countries on the list included 3,153 people from Egypt, 123 from Iraq, 185 from Jordan, 164 from Lebanon, 15,594 from Mauritania, 1613 from Pakistan, 538 from Syria, 13,624 from Uzbekistan and 139 from Yemen. According to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, we caught more people on the terror watchlist in the month of February than in the entire time of the last administration. McCarthy’s Democrat opponent and the Biden administration are somehow trying to turn that into a win, saying that more people apprehended means the border is safe. But as Bill Melugin of Fox News pointed out, they are not taking into account the “gotaways.” According to CBP sources, since Biden took office, “there have been well over 1.5 million known gotaways at our southern border.” Known gotaways are illegal immigrants who have been captured on camera or censors crossing the border, but Border Patrol does not have the manpower to track them down. “For perspective,” Melugin said, “That is a population size bigger than the city of Dallas, Texas that has successfully snuck across our border and gotten into the United States without apprehension. It’s enough people to fill up 16 Rose Bowls in Pasadena California.” If the Democrats really think that apprehending this many people on the terror watch list is a win, they need to go back to middle school and learn percentages. A percentage of a higher number is always higher than the same percentage of a lower number. The reason we are apprehending more people on the terror watch list is that the percentage of people crossing from these countries has exponentially increased. It’s not because the overworked, underpaid Border Security suddenly developed superpowers. It is a sobering thought to think about how many of the 1.5 million gotaways into the country this year were known, or not-yet-known, terrorists. After what happened with Israel, this should be a time to take drastic steps to deal with the problem. As the morning of 9/11 and the events in Israel on Saturday proved, evil doesn’t give advance notice before striking. As America gets more and more involved in foreign wars, it is not far-fetched to ask the question, what sleeping giants may we be awakening here at home? If we stick our heads in the sand, we will have no one but ourselves to blame.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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