Good Samaritan Hears Screams, Immediately Knows What Has to Be Done as He Stops Car

A good Samaritan is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a family from a burning building in Detroit on Tuesday morning. According to WJBK-TV, the fire happened in a house on the city’s east side. Reports say the father in the family was at work when the blaze started. As the good Samaritan drove by, the mother was outside screaming for help. (WJBK later identified the good Samaritan as a cousin of the family’s. The cousin works for the family’s company.) The family’s three children — ages 2, 3 and 9 — were trapped inside. The cousin, whose name was not released, used a shovel to bash in the windows and get the children out of the house. However, James Harris, the Detroit Fire Department’s chief of community relations, said the kids had to be taken to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan  and the mother needed to be hospitalized. “Unfortunately, three children were transported to Children’s Hospital with smoke inhalation, one adult was transported to receiving with smoke inhalation,” Harris told WDIV-TV. All are expected to recover, the outlet reported. The man who came to their rescue also needed treatment for minor injuries. The fire left the family temporarily homeless, and Detroit fire department officials were still investigating the cause, the outlet reported. Still, being hospitalized and temporarily homeless is better than the alternative. “You know how lucky they are?” Adnan Gobah, another cousin, told WJBK. “When he came this way — he sees the lady — she calls for help, and he stopped and he helped her,” Gobah said of the good Samaritan. “And from inside, they [brought] out the kids.”
“I hope they are OK, but they are lucky right now because the guy — he was driving right there, he saw the fire, and he stopped,” Gobah added. As for the good Samaritan: “Yeah, he’s a hero,” Gobah said, per WJBK. “It takes a village and everybody to be safe in the city of Detroit, so we commend that person,” Harris said. “You can see there was fire on the first floor as well as the second floor — the middle of the house as well as the rear of the house, so it could have been a lot worse. We’re just thankful right now.” Beyond the usual lesson of selfless heroism here, there’s another unacknowledged lesson from Tuesday’s miracle rescue: There are two genders, and they’ve been made differently for a reason. Could a mother have smashed the windows and gotten her children out? Certainly. After all, mothers under duress have been known for incredible feats of strength if it means saving their children. Is it more likely that a man would be able to summon the physical strength necessary to rescue this family? Yes. That’s why the mother was in distress and the good Samaritan was able to relieve that distress. Yet, the left isn’t just hell-bent on refusing to acknowledge this difference; they don’t even draw a line between a man and a woman these days. In fact, I can almost remember a certain conservative documentarian asking a slew of liberals what constitutes a woman and drawing complete blanks. As we enter 2023, for instance, the left doesn’t just expound in favor of putting women on the front lines in the military. It has ceased to acknowledge there’s any real difference between the genders at all. We have persons on the front lines. That’s it. Yes, well, thank heavens a person with a Y chromosome drove by at exactly the right time on Tuesday morning. Our society needs more brave men like that. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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