‘God Has Been There’ – Grateful Country Star Coffey Anderson Credits Holy Spirit for Helping Him Navigate Major Hardships

Country music star Coffey Anderson has known the good and bad of what life can bring. Through it all, “God has been there,” he said on a recent episode of the “Higher Ground with Billy Hallowell” podcast. “Sometimes we forget about the goodness of God, so my music is a reflection of what I’ve been through,” Anderson said. And that’s been a lot. Although he’s risen to fame, beyond the footlights there have been deep shadows. He lost a best friend to teen suicide, his mother died when he was young, and his wife, Criscilla, is battling stage IV colon cancer, Hallowell wrote on FaithWire. Anderson said that through his music, he can share his understanding that regardless of what life throws at him, God is there. “My faith has always given me a chance — and this platform has given me a chance to talk about my faith, to talk about the goodness of God,” he told Hallowell. “God has been so good to me.” “When I’m writing these songs, when I’m looking at what our culture needs … I’m asking the Holy Spirit to lead me,” Anderson said. “I’m asking for songs that are going to give people opportunities to make memories.” He said Christian teachings are the guide rails of life. “Boundaries give you freedom,” Anderson said. “And a lot of times, in a world where I can do what I want, be what I want, say what I want, pick who I want to be, all those kind of things — it’s not the truth. It’s not the truth. There’s been guidelines and laws and commandments set up so that we can live in freedom by having God,” he said. Anderson, who appeared in the recent Pure Flix film “God’s Country Song,” also spoke about the importance of being a man and a father. “There’s nothing toxic about being masculine,” the “Country Ever After” singer said during his interview with Hallowell. “There’s nothing toxic about being a good daddy.” “Toxic people come in all forms and fashions. Don’t tell me my masculinity is toxic when it’s proven that a good dad minimizes the opportunity of a criminal or of people going to prison. … A dad is needed,” he said. In an interview with The Christian Post about the movie, he said it is important for Christian content to be produced and supported. “I jumped into this project because I’m a dad that’s a believer, and I want more content like this on their phones,” Anderson said, speaking of children. “Christian parents need to support more films like this because Hollywood follows the money, no matter what. If we put our money in films like this, all of a sudden, they pivot and start writing it. All of a sudden they pivot in the music studio and start putting out family-friendly content,” he said. “When you start boycotting places that do trash content or don’t align with what we believe, they feel it. You can say a lot by not going; you will say a lot by not swiping,” he said.
Anderson said Christianity is a thread throughout his life. “My faith influences all of my projects because I think we have the Bible to answer to,” he said. “I think we’re going to stand before the Lord in judgment, and I think we have to be accountable for what we put out.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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