Glenn Beck Writes Letter to Prime Minister Begging for Citizenship, Says It’s His Life’s Mission

CORRECTION, Nov. 2, 2023: Glenn Beck is a Mormon. An earlier version of this article inaccurately described his faith. Conservative radio host Glenn Beck revealed on his radio show Wednesday that he has written a letter to the Israeli government to ask to become a citizen of the country. In the weeks since Hamas terrorists butchered more than 1,400 Israeli civilians, a majority of conservatives have pledged their support for the country. Beck, who is a Mormon, said on his show that he wants to do more than simply offer words of support for the country. He is asking for citizenship, he said, so that he might offer “deeds” for the Jewish people, rather than simple words. “I don’t know why I was born, but there is something about the state of Israel that connects deeply to me,” Beck told his listeners. He added, “To have the privilege to stand with the Jew is a tremendous honor, spiritually. So, I want to read a letter that I wrote that I am sending to the state of Israel.” Beck then recited the letter, which said: “To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the honorable officials at the state of Israel. In this moment, I have chosen to ask you for citizenship in the state of Israel. “I have nothing to offer but my voice of support, and some might say that my support might be more valuable as an independent voice. Perhaps they are correct.” [firefly_poll] While Beck acknowledged he has no connection to Judaism or Israel, other than a love for its people, he wants to stand alongside the country as it wages war against Islamic barbarism. Beck wrote, “But my request for citizenship is not about words, it is about deeds. Why, one might wonder, would I want to embrace a heritage and identity that is so ruthlessly hunted down, again and again? “Yet it is precisely during such moments that we must choose to stand.” He then praised the people of Israel for thriving in spite of having spent the past eight decades targeted by its neighbors and surviving centuries of persecution. “I anticipate no privileges or exemption from the state of Israel,” Beck wrote in his letter. “I instead yearn to align myself with those willing to rise, to fight and sacrifice for the fundamental right to live.” He then asked, “Is this not what both Israel and America embody?” Beck concluded the letter, writing, “In closing, my desire for dual citizenship does not stem from any expectation of gain but from a deep-rooted belief in standing with what is right and true. Ten years ago I took my children to Israel for the first time. “But we first visited Auschwitz in Poland. I told them, ‘You cannot understand Israel without the Bible or Auschwitz.’ May Israel remain an eternal flame of hope, a beacon of resilence, and a testament to the enduring human spirit.”
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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