George Takei’s Disgusting Take on Murder of Nursing Student Makes Himself Out to Be the Victim

George Takei’s Disgusting Take on Murder of Nursing Student Makes Himself Out to Be the Victim

Self-promoting leftist “Star Trek” actor George Takei is at it again, disgorging his vitriol all over social media, but this time he may have gone too far by attempting to make the murder of a woman in Georgia all about himself instead of the actual victim.

The openly gay, 86-year-old actor, who portrayed Lt. Hikaru Sulu on the iconic sci-fi TV show, has been a wild excrement stirrer on social media, and always to the very extreme left-wing side of culture and politics.

In a post from Saturday, Takei may have taken his desire to make everything about himself a bit too far when he piggybacked on a Georgia woman’s murder to attack a Republican politician and bring himself into the situation all at the same time.

Takei was responding to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, who posted a message on X to decry the murder of an innocent American woman at the University of Georgia — a murder allegedly committed by one of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens.

“Every parent, and every American, is saddened—and outraged—to hear about the loss of University of Georgia student Laken Riley. Our prayers are with her family and friends as they mourn this tragedy,” Johnson wrote in the Feb. 24 post.

“The brutal murderer who took the life of Laken was one of the millions of illegal aliens that the Biden Administration simply released and unleashed upon our country,” the House speaker added.

“For Laken, and the countless many others lost to this border catastrophe, House Republicans will continue to fight tooth and nail for a return to law and order. Mr. President, use your existing statutory authority and CLOSE THE BORDER!”

Johnson’s point was spot on. But Takei apparently could not resist shoving the victim aside and instead putting himself in the spotlight.

Shortly after Johnson posted his message, Takei jumped in to say, “I know your type of politician. Men like you smeared my community during World War II by preying upon people’s fears of others who didn’t look like them. It led to the internment and 125,000 shattered lives. Never again.”

Aside from Takei making the murder of a woman about himself, he is also full of it on blaming a Republican for the Japanese internment camps during WWII. That was done by Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Democratic Party, which had roughly two-third majorities in both houses of Congress at the time.

Johnson is a Republican, from the party that had little power during WWII.

Indeed, Takei is making everyone a “victim” except the woman who was murdered — apparently by an illegal alien who should never have been here in the first place.

Many were not fooled by Takei’s bald-faced attempt to use Laken’s death for his own causes.

Takei is no stranger to pushing left-wing lies on X.

Last August, for instance, the “tolerant” actor claimed that anyone who opposes — or even questions — U.S. funding for Ukraine is being programmed by Russia.

In another post, Takei insisted that it was our “patriotic duty” to pay higher prices for our food and necessities as long as “it means putting the screws to Putin.”

And naturally, Takei despises Donald Trump. He has also attacked all Trump voters and accused them of “destroying America.”

He even continued his one-sided, distempered feud with former “Star Trek” shipmate William Shatner by attacking him after the Capt. Kirk star took his brief flight into space.

Takei is clearly a very sad and confused man. But his take on Laken Riley’s death goes way too far.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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