George Soros-Funded Prosecutor Finds Herself Without a Job

George Soros-Funded Prosecutor Finds Herself Without a Job

Money can’t buy power — at least when good men and women take the time to get out and vote.

Remember Loudoun County, Virginia? It’s the nesting place of the radical left school board that tried to foist transgender ideology on students while demonizing parents who wanted to have a say in the matter. In the November election, all nine board seats were on the ballot. The results are in and the new board will be made up of newcomers, according to The Washington Post.

That’s not all. Loudoun County George Soros-backed radical left District Attorney Buta Biberaj was ousted by Republican Bob Anderson despite spending a lot more money. According to WTTG, at one point Anderson was winning by a mere 300 votes.

The battle to save America is going to be won or lost vote by vote and race by race.

Biberaj dropped $1.1 million on her bid for power, WTTG reported. Compare that to the $70,356 Anderson spent and you get the picture. To be fair, Anderson did have some name recognition due to previously serving in the position from 1996 to 2003.

Progressives rely on the sheep-like complacency of voters who have been brainwashed by relentless media campaigns. Conservatives have to count on principled voters who pay attention to reality

Biberaj’s campaign manager Shannon Sankey told WTTG, “This is the closest Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race in Loudoun history. Following the canvass process, Buta trails by just 300 votes out of more than 136,000 votes cast. This 0.22% deficit puts our campaign well within the margin for a recount in Virginia.”

According to Virginia Public Access Project, the final tally put Anderson further ahead with Anderson at 66,835 or 50.19 percent of the vote, and Biberaj at 65,814 or 49.43 percent of the vote. That’s more than a 1,000-vote lead for Anderson.

Whatever the case — 300 votes or 1,000 — it was close.

The Soros-backed Justice and Public Safety PAC has spent $926,000 since 2019 backing Biberaj. This money has paid for a barrage of advertisements, literature and polling services, WTTG reported.

The Soros-funded PAC also backed two other Virginia prosecutor candidates which won re-election. Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington County ran unopposed while Fairfax County’s Steve Descanso won by nearly 149,000 votes.

Nationwide, “three Republicans who embraced tough-on-crime positions defeated their Democrat challengers in five prosecutor elections from different corners of the country,” according to Fox News. The three Republicans won in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Anderson was one of the winners.

If crime rates in Democrats controlled counties continues to rise, Republicans can win more DA races in blue counties. According to The Heritage Foundation, “At the county level, the homicide rate has been higher in Democratic-leaning ‘blue’ counties than in Republican-voting ‘red’ counties since 2002.”

This contradicts the progressive propaganda coming out of the mouths of radical leftists like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and billionaire George Soros. According to a report by Fox, Newsom has publicly contended that “8 of the top 10 murder states are red.”

For his part, Soros penned an article in the Wall Street Journal that stated, “violent crime in recent years has generally been increasing more quickly in jurisdictions without reform-minded prosecutors” and “murder rates have been rising fastest in some Republican states led by tough-on-crime politicians.”

Soros helps to disseminate leftist disinformation by funding progressive DAs. Reality, however, carries more weight than propaganda. When people feel that crime continues to grow in their local arena, they vote for tough-on-crime DAs. It’s a matter of self-preservation, not ideology.

The reality is a circuit court judge kicked Biberaj off a criminal case for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public,” according to Fox News.

A Virginia judge booted Biberaj from an appeal case in 2022 for “concerns” over “impartiality.” It was the Loudoun County case where a father was arrested for speaking out at a school board meeting after his daughter was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom.

This is reality: Biberaj has been accused of weaponizing her office to target political opponents. She also hired a convicted sex offender as a paralegal, according to Fox News.

This proves that progressive propaganda does not create reality. More and more people are waking up from a progressive propaganda induced stupor and facing reality. This does not bode well for Democrats.

Do your part to defend reality. Get out and vote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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