George and Alex Soros Have Already Maxed Out Their Donations to Biden

George and Alex Soros Have Already Maxed Out Their Donations to Biden

It started with a trickle earlier in the year, and quickly became a flood.

Famed billionaire George Soros and his son, Alex, first signaled their support for President Joe Biden by giving relatively modest donations to his re-election campaign during the second quarter of 2023, Fox News reported.

The two each sent $6,600 — the maximum individual amount allowed under the federal elections cap — to Biden’s re-election committee on June 30, according to the report, which cited filing records.

It was their first official donation to the 2024 Biden presidential re-election campaign.

But there’s more where that came from — much more.

George Soros followed that small donation with a “massive” donation in September, Fox News Digital reported.

The senior Soros sent a $250,000 check to the Biden Victory Fund on Sept. 29. He was joined by multiple other billionaires who chipped in six-figure sums, according to the report.

The Biden Victory Fund is a joint fundraising committee that allows donors to spread their donations among several causes with one singular payment, according to NBC News.

The fund is a combination of Biden’s re-election campaign, the Democratic National Committee and every state’s Democratic party, plus Washington, D.C.’s Democratic committee.

Biden’s re-election team said in October they had raised more than $71 million in the third quarter of 2023, according to The Hill.  This total represents donations from the Biden campaign, joint fundraising committees and funds from the DNC.

The top GOP candidate, former President Donald Trump, reported more than $45 million raised for his presidential campaign during the third quarter, according to the report.

If history is any indicator, Biden can look forward to even larger contributions from both Soros men.

During the 2020 presidential race, Alex Soros gave over $720,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. His father, George, gave more than $500,000.

The Soros family is well regarded in Democratic circles for their support of liberal and progressive causes. They consistently rank as some of the very top political donors.

According to a report from CNBC, around half a billion dollars in political contributions can be traced back to George Soros just since January 2020, “most of it steered through dark money nonprofit groups and going largely toward political causes aligned with the Democratic Party.”

As an example of this type of nonprofit political donation apparatus, George Soros donated $1.8 million to the liberal super PAC American Bridge 21st Century from his political action committee Democracy PAC in June.

Earlier this summer, the 93-year-old George Soros picked his son Alex to take control of the Open Society Foundations network he had established to support progressive causes.

Alex enjoys a personal connection with the Biden White House, having been there as a guest more than 20 times since Biden took office, according to Fox.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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