Fury Erupts After Group Filmed Themselves Assaulting Toddlers at US Mall: ‘Death By Hanging for All Involved’

Fury Erupts After Group Filmed Themselves Assaulting Toddlers at US Mall: ‘Death By Hanging for All Involved’

Texans have been shocked by a heinous crime committed at a Houston mall, where seven men have been accused of raping a pair of male toddlers and filming the assault on their cell phones to post to social media.

The attacks on the two little boys reportedly occurred at The Galleria mall, situated just west of downtown Houston about two miles south of Memorial Park. Authorities have identified both toddlers and also found that the attacks occurred at two different times.

Police and parents only became aware of the violations of the children — who are both between 2 and 3 years old — when video of the incidents turned up on social media.

According to KTRK-TV, the FBI identified 29-year-old Arthur Fernandez III as one of the alleged perpetrators. Investigators said video of the horrendous assaults was found on his phone.

The suspect is allegedly seen on the videos along with at least six other men. In one video, one of the victims is reportedly seen lying on a changing table inside a Galleria bathroom.

Thus far, only Fernandez has been charged in these sexual abuse cases.

Police said that Fernandez worked at a walkway kiosk and often volunteered to take the children of employees of local stores to the bathroom. The mothers told police that the children were in the workplace when they could not find someone to watch them when the moms had to work.

Both mothers of the victimized tots said they had been called in to work on off days and had no time to arrange babysitting, KXTH-TV reported.

One of the children was also reportedly related to Fernandez’ former boyfriend.

The suspect was identified through clothing, shoes and jewelry by people who know him, police said.

Thus far, one incident has not been dated, but the second one reportedly occurred on May 6, 2023.

The mother of the second assaulted child told investigators that she allowed Fernandez to babysit her child at least two other times, once in Deember of 2022 and a second time when they went trick-or-treating in October of 2023.

The FBI arrested Fernandez last month and confiscated electronic devices containing videos and the articles of clothing allegedly seen on the footage of the attacks.

FBI agent Torrence White warned parents to be very careful about who they let walk off with children.

“The more that we do, the more hurt that we stop, the more folks we can identify that’s out there trying to harm children,” White told KTRK.

“I think as parents you want to go with your gut, but also as policymakers, people need to start figuring out how do we figure out we have safe environments for our kids so parents don’t have to wait on a creepy uncle or a neighbor they think is safe,” added Dr. Bob Sanborn, the president and CEO of Children at Risk.

“Kids, after they’ve been out with someone who you thought you trusted them, they will sort of withdraw. They’ll be more quiet. Look for those changes in your children; bedridden, not eating. All these things are sort of signs that something’s not right with your child. In this case, we’re talking about toddlers. They really couldn’t communicate. They don’t know what’s right and wrong,” Dr. Sanborn added.

Social media users are outraged and are calling for the death penalty for these men if convicted of raping the children.

These are the kinds of horrific attacks you see in Third-World countries, yet they are increasingly becoming more common here in the U.S.A.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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