Fulton County Resident Unloads on Fani Willis, Democrats at Board Meeting: ‘I’m Done’

Fulton County Resident Unloads on Fani Willis, Democrats at Board Meeting: ‘I’m Done’

Fani Willis’ month keeps going from bad to worse.

In addition to accusations that she hired her alleged lover, Nathan Wade, to work with her on the election interference case against former President Donald Trump, it seems her public image is taking a nose-dive among the ordinary residents of Fulton County.

At the Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday, a Fulton County resident made his opinion on the whole debacle quite clear, castigating the local government for “fumbling our elections,” and expressing how “disgusted” he is with the DA’s behavior.

Captured in a video shared by the Fulton Government Television, resident Derrick Blassingame used the public comment section of the meeting to vent his spleen about what he termed “the gross mismanagement of taxpayer dollars” in this “frivolous” lawsuit against Trump.

In Blassingame’s own words, “I’m done with Fulton County fumbling our elections. I’m done with the gross mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars by the Fulton County Democrats on this body.”

Blassingame continued his blistering criticism of Willis, saying “I am done with most of your silence at the DA’s apparent love affair with the special prosecutor and gross mismanagement of taxpayer dollars to pursue what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit based off of partisan politics.

“Apparently,” he continued, “guys like me need to court Fulton County female executives if we want a free ride and all paid expense.”

Blassingame then doubled down, saying that the “DA appears to be trying to protect past elections, but upon information and belief, she’s trying to interfere with future elections by trying to convict a candidate before the general election.”

And finally, Blassingame concluded his scathing critique by calling for an immediate financial audit of Willis and her office, saying she shouldn’t get any more money if it’s going to be spent for “unnecessary and frivolous purposes.”


Though Georgia as a whole is a red state, Atlanta and the surrounding metro area tend to lean more blue than the rest of the state.

Willis’ developing scandal, however, seems to be opening the eyes of people in that county to the real corruption happening, especially in the lawsuit against Donald Trump.

And currently, the whole situation is going poorly for Willis, with the Daily Caller reporting that “the special prosecutor’s wife, Jocelyn Wade, previously accused her estranged husband of hiding several hundred thousands of dollars in income and leaving her in ‘dire’ financial need.”

Remember that Blassingame is not a politician, but an ordinary resident of Fulton County, using the public comment section of an otherwise unremarkable board meeting to make his outrage and disgust heard.

Blassingame’s righteous anger is emblematic of how many Americans feel, all around the country: We’re tired of Willis and other rogue DAs abusing their office and twisting the law to persecute their political opponents and enrich their alleged lovers.

We’re tired of the liberal establishment telling us what to think, claiming they represent us, while telling us to shut up when we express an independent thought.

Even if Willis was not allegedly seeing her special prosecutor on the side and enriching him with taxpayer money, the whole election interference case would still be a waste of taxpayer money.

The truth is, most Americans don’t see these trials, whether in Fulton County or in New York, as legitimate.

And that’s what is making Trump even more popular among ordinary folks, to the dismay of the elites.

As Blassingame’s angry speech shows, people’s eyes are being opened, and they’re no longer afraid to express what they really think.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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