Fox Business Host Gasps as GOP Rep. Goes Off on ‘Nut Job’ Karine Jean-Pierre

Fox Business Host Gasps as GOP Rep. Goes Off on ‘Nut Job’ Karine Jean-Pierre

A Republican congressman left Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo open-mouthed in stunned surprise after he delivered his opinion of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas was a guest on Thursday’s edition of “Mornings with Maria” when he offered a one-word putdown of Jean-Pierre.

Bartiromo set up her question to Nehls by playing a clip from the Wednesday White House media briefing that featured Fox reporter Peter Doocy asking Jean-Pierre a question.

“First, a whole high school in New York is having remote classes today because the building was needed to house people who came into this country illegally. So what is the president’s priority in this case? … If a working parent had to call out to stay home with their kid today, isn’t this Biden immigration policy literally taking money out of people’s pockets?” Doocy asked

“So that is something that New York City needs to answer to. That is a that is a process that they took. So they have to answer to that. And as it relates to migrants and what’s happening at the border, look, the president has taken this issue very seriously,” Jean-Pierre said.

Bartiromo then asked Nehls to react to Jean-Pierre’s statement.


“I can’t listen to that nutjob. I can’t believe anything she says,” Nehls replied.

Bartiromo’s mouth flew open as she reacted to the comment.

“Listen, because Joe Biden puts the American people last. He puts us last. His priorities, his long-term goal and strategies are let as many people in this country as possible during his term, because eventually they’re going to do everything they can — the Democrats — to offer citizenship to everybody,” Nehls said.

“And then it’s one-party rule forever. I highlight this in my new book, just released, ‘Borderless by Design.’ It lays it out in detail exactly why this administration has put the American people last, allowing thousands of people, millions of people into our southern border,” he said.

“It’s a long-term goal and strategy. Eventually, citizenship, even though 10 percent of them can’t even get a legitimate asylum claim and eventually they’re all Democrat voters. It’s clear,” he said.

Later in the interview, after denouncing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Nehls responded to a question from Bartirimo about Vice President Kamala Harris and what she might do about the border crisis.

“Well, she’s not going to do anything. I think they just put her out there to make it look like she’s actually worth something. She isn’t worth anything,” Nehls said.

“They’ve kind of put her in the basement, if you haven’t noticed recently. Yeah, because I think she embarrasses herself and the American people, so they’ve kind of hid her,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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