Former WH Doctor Says Biden Must Step Down for the ‘Safety and Security’ of America

Former WH Doctor Says Biden Must Step Down for the ‘Safety and Security’ of America

A former White House doctor is warning that President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is going to come on faster and faster now that he is past the age of 80, so it will continue to get worse, not better. And it has become a national security threat.

The warning came from Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, Fox News reported.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” the former doctor who served former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump said, “[The decline is] happening quickly.”

“Like you said, I’ve taken care of three presidents,” Jackson continued, “so I know firsthand what it takes to be the commander-in-chief and the head of state. It’s a grueling job, both mentally and physically. This man can’t do the job. He’s proven to us every single day that he can’t do the job, but this is going to get worse.”

Biden turned 81 on Nov. 20, and for many people, the age of 80 is a demarcation point for a decline in cognitive function. According to a 2015 study titled, “The Impact of Age on Cognition,” researchers found that on average, human beings decline quickly in their late 70s and into their early 80s.

“The most important changes are declines in cognitive tasks that require one to quickly process or transform information to make a decision, including measures of speed of processing, working memory, and executive cognitive function,” the study said in one portion, adding, “In addition, concept formation, abstraction, and mental flexibility decline with age, especially in subjects older than age 70.”

Jackson said he saw the decline all the way back in 2020 when Biden faced Trump in the presidential debates. And it is getting worse.

“It’s just unbelievable how much he’s degenerated just during his time in office. We cannot afford to have this man in office for the remainder of this term and then [for] another four years after that. He’s already putting us at great risk right now,” Jackson said.

Jackson went on to point out how the nation seems to be spinning out of control during the Biden era.

“[Look at] the wars that we’re getting drawn into. Things that wouldn’t happen if Donald Trump were there because our enemies don’t fear us anymore. They have no respect for us anymore, and our adversaries don’t trust us anymore, and it’s because we don’t have the leadership in the White House that we need,” he said.

“It’s because this man, even if he wanted to, he cannot provide that leadership,” Jackson claimed. “He is not physically and cognitively fit for office anymore, and somebody in his inner circle needs to step up to the plate and make him aware of this, and he needs to move on for the safety and security of this country.”

The decline seems fairly obvious even to a casual viewer.

His actions at events often seem to show him wandering around confused and lost. In July, for instance, he did not appear to know where he should go during a visit to Windsor Castle, and King Charles III had to intervene to help guide the president.

There have been many instances such as that one. Biden also had to be escorted by a young girl during an event last December because he seemed momentarily confused on where to go. Before that, in April he was seen wandering around looking lost at an event at the White House. And in August of 2021 he was filmed wandering off a sidewalk and onto the grass at the White House after neglecting to make a turn to enter a door despite the fact that a Secret Service agent was on hand pointing the right way for him to take.

These episodes of seeming to be lost on stage, coupled with times he has fallen or tripped and nearly fell, are all symptoms of his general decline.

Then you add the constant verbal gaffes, many lies, and false stories, and it all adds up to a man who is no longer in control of himself.

There is nothing shameful about decline. We will all suffer it if we reach those advanced years. It is part of the human condition, after all. What is shameful is that his handlers and his wife, “Doctor” Jill, continue to push this infirm man on the nation as one fit to sit in the White House.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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