Former FBI, Homeland Security Officials Sound the Alarm, Warn About Chilling Reality of What Biden’s Doing at the Border

Former FBI, Homeland Security Officials Sound the Alarm, Warn About Chilling Reality of What Biden’s Doing at the Border

At least some former FBI agents would rather defend their country than terrorize their fellow citizens.

In a letter dated Jan. 17 — addressed to congressional leaders and relevant committee chairs — a group of 10 retired federal law enforcement officials warned that President Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty at the nation’s southern border placed Americans at severe risk of unprecedented attacks on their homeland.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin posted the letter Thursday on the social media platform X.

“This sobering letter from former FBI, Homeland Security, and other law enforcement officials describes the chilling reality of why @POTUS’s open border is a clear and present danger to America,” Johnson wrote in an accompanying post.

The letter opened by referring to this threat as perhaps the “most pernicious ever to menace the United States.”

In short, it said the Biden administration has left the U.S.-Mexico border wide open — and bad actors across the globe know it.

“Military aged men,” hailing “from countries or regions not friendly to the United States,” have invaded “by the thousands,” and they have done so simply by walking across a border “accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted,” the former agents wrote.

This invasion, they noted, began with Biden’s calamitous ascension to the presidency.

“The nation’s military and laws and other natural protective barriers that have provided traditional security in the past have been thoroughly circumvented over the last three years,” the letter said.

Furthermore, affluent U.S. liberals in gated communities have often virtue-signaled with feigned concern for illegal alien families and children. But the invasion’s demographic realities do not match the liberal fantasy. Nothing ever does.

“Young men from around the world traveling alone and holding questionable motivations dramatically increased in number to become the most common profile of those breaching the nation’s borders,” the former agents wrote of the demographic shift in illegal aliens since 2021.

The letter then referred to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attacks on Israel as a possible template.

In other words, those hostile invaders could mimic the atrocities that day and “begin attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens” in the U.S.

“The warning lights are blinking,” the letter said.

Moreover, it said, the invaders hail not only from “terror linked regions, but from China and Russia as well.”

Alas, federal officials have shown no urgency to halt what the former agents called “a soft invasion, designed to gain internal access to a country that cannot be invaded militarily in order to inflict catastrophic damage if and when enemies deem it necessary.”

In short, the former FBI officials said the “borders need to be secured” and “those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay.”

Otherwise, the federal government “will have failed grievously in its duty to protect,” the letter concluded.

That final line constitutes the only part of the letter with which one might raise a mild objection.

After all, the former agents treated the federal government too generously by describing its failure in the future perfect tense.

The federal government has failed, as evidenced by the number of states that have now aligned with Texas in its ongoing and constitutionally proper resistance to the tyrannical Democrats’ open-borders madness.

Former President Donald Trump and independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have also expressed support for Texas.

Perhaps if the Biden regime stopped persecuting Trump supporters, it might get around the securing the border.

Then again, a criminal failure of this magnitude could only occur by design.

Either way, millions of Americans have awakened to the truths contained in the former FBI officials’ alarming letter. And they have decided to do something about it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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