Foreigners’ House Is Burned Down, Investigated as Anti-Migrant Arson – Then the Truth Comes Out

Foreigners’ House Is Burned Down, Investigated as Anti-Migrant Arson – Then the Truth Comes Out

A fire that broke out on Christmas Day in a house owned by a Pakistani family was at first assumed to be a result of a “hate crime,” but a further investigation seemed to rule out the claim, making it yet another “hate crime” that turned out to be a hoax.

After the fire rose in the town of Wächtersbach in Hesse, Germany, authorities immediately suspected the motive was right-wing extremism, the German outlet Kölnische Rundschau reported on Dec. 28.

It was assumed the fire might be tied to some sort of Nazi group because the family members who owned the home are from Pakistan.

In addition, the words “Foreigners Out” were painted on the burned walls, according to the report.

A hate crime investigation was quickly announced by local prosecutors.

Naturally, pious left-wing politicians jumped up to get in the news to be seen denouncing “right-wing extremism” and “hate crimes.”

“The slogans discovered on the walls are despicable and inciting,” said Martina Feldmayer, deputy chairwoman of the Green party in parliament, according to Rundschau. “Anyone who commits such deeds attacks our whole society.”

Janine Wissler, chairwoman of the Left party, added, “It is not enough to condemn these acts, one must fight the breeding ground that favors right-wing violence: the strengthening of the right and the racist incitement against people with a migration background and refugees.”

The community also jumped into action and began holding “vigils” against right-wing extremism, Germany’s Bild reported.

Thorsten Stolz, the district administrator of the Main-Kinzig district, and Wächtersbach Mayor Andreas Weiher warned the community that a determination of fault could not be reliably made until an investigation was conducted.

That was a good caution to make, too. It turns out claims of a hate crime are a hoax, Bild reported last week.

Investigators found that the Pakistani homeowner had fresh burns on his hands even though he claimed he was not at home during the fire.

“The Hanau public prosecutor’s office is certain: the family themselves set the fire and wanted to lead the police on the wrong track with the Nazi slogans,” the German outlet reported, according to a Google translation.

Despite all the handwringing about “right-wing extremism,” prosecutors now believe the Pakistanis set the blaze in a scheme to get the insurance money.

According to Remix, all five family members were arrested.

This seems to be happening more and more all across the Western world. Politicians quickly make proclamations about “hate crimes,” the media jumps all over such stories, and then the whole thing falls apart as a hoax.

Crimes are bad enough, of course. But when the media and politicians immediately begin cluttering the airwaves with loud claims of hate crimes, it makes the job of authorities harder. And when these stories turn out to be a hoax, all we end up with is a needlessly agitated public.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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