Fetterman Infuriates the Left After Senator Trolls Pro-Palestinian Protesters During Their Arrest

Fetterman Infuriates the Left After Senator Trolls Pro-Palestinian Protesters During Their Arrest

That strange feeling you have in your heart right now is because one of the most contemptible lawmakers in the world just made a brilliant — and trolling — move against anti-Semites.

Far-left and slovenly Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has become a punching bag for Republicans and conservatives, and for good reason.

The man has left no doubt where his and his family’s ideologies lie, and seems utterly insistent on presenting his ideology in the sloppiest, most unkempt way imaginable.

The United States, and the Keystone State, are worse off for having Fetterman occupy a Senate seat. Period.

But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and as obnoxious as Fetterman is and will continue to be — at least he’s not a raging anti-Semite.

That remarkably low bar is one Fetterman has been able to hurdle, despite swaths of his own party unable to do so, and for that, he deserves a modicum of credit.

Fetterman’s brief turn to hero came on Thursday afternoon, when the embattled senator — as always, dressed like he’s heading to a slumber party — walked past a group of pro-Palestinian protesters.

The protesters were in the process of being arrested outside the Russell Senate Office Building, per Fox News, when Fetterman sauntered past them.


According to The Post Millennial, the protesters were arrested for occupying Kirsten Gillibrand’s office.

You can watch the exchange below, but focus on the little item that Fetterman has as he’s walking past these pro-Palestinian protesters:

It’s hard to make out what exactly is being told to Fetterman from the jeering protesters (“You’re a horrible human being,” “Ceasefire” and audible booing were decipherable) but it’s apparent that they were not happy with Fetterman.

Fetterman’s response was as brilliant (it is incredibly odd to type those words in that order) as it was simple: He just held up and twirled around an Israeli flag.

The Pennsylvania senator further doubled down on his antics when he reached his car, seemingly smirking at the protesters while raising his Israeli flag again.

Say what you will about Fetterman, and there is a lot to be said about his policies and actions, but, at the very least, the man isn’t getting swept up in the anti-Semitic hysteria that has seized his party.

Look at Democrat lawmakers like Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Objectively speaking, their far-left policies are every bit as bad as the ones that Fetterman champions — but at least the Pennsylvania senator doesn’t (outwardly) harbor a deep hatred and resentment toward Jewish people.

Fetterman, to his minimal credit — again — has wholeheartedly supported Israel and its right to defend itself from barbaric Hamas terrorists.

The Pennsylvania senator put out a statement shortly after the horrific and bloody invasion by Hamas on Oct. 7.

“We now know this was a wide-scale, premeditated, cowardly, terrorist campaign against Israeli civilians that also claimed the lives of American citizens,” Fetterman said.

He added: “I unequivocally support any necessary military, intelligence, and humanitarian aid to Israel. The United States has a moral obligation to be in lockstep with our ally as they confront this threat.

“I also fully support Israel neutralizing the terrorists responsible for this barbarism.”

So yes, Fetterman may support transgender youths, abortion and all manner of far-left debauchery … but at least he’s not anti-Semitic.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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