Fed-Up Bongino Opens Show with Big Message Painted on His Face

Fed-Up Bongino Opens Show with Big Message Painted on His Face

Cancel-culture lunatics have the souls of tyrants. When worked into a frenzy of faux moral righteousness, they spare no one, not even children.

Last weekend, for instance, multiple leftist sports outlets waxed indignant over a 9-year-old football fan — yes, a 9-year-old — who painted his face in the red and black colors of his beloved Kansas City Chiefs, donned a Native American feathered headdress and then cheered his team to a 31-17 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders.

On Thursday, an exasperated Dan Bongino opened his show on Rumble by giving cancel culture the proverbial (and literal) middle finger while sporting red and black face paint of his own.

The popular conservative commentator began by delivering a message to “cancel culture portions of liberal, leftist, socialist, communist America.”

In short, he told that portion of America what to do with cancel culture and where exactly to stick it.

Bongino’s hilariously blunt tirade came three days after Carron J. Phillips of the leftist sports site Deadspin tried to shame 9-year-old Holden Armenta.

“It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate black people and the Native Americans at the same time,” Phillips wrote.

To the usual bullying and woke narcissism that characterizes all of cancel culture, this Deadspin hit piece on an elementary school student added a special flavor of mendacity. The story included a still photo of Holden that showed only the right side of his face, thus making it appear as if he wore blackface.

Journalist Jack McGuire of Barstool Sports even apologized for believing — and then amplifying — the initial lie.

To make matters worse, Holden’s mother, Shannon Armenta, announced Monday on Facebook that her son descends from California Indians and that his grandfather even occupies a leadership role with the Chumash tribe.

Remember, according to Phillips, 9-year-old Holden “found a way to hate” blacks and Indians.

On Wednesday, Holden appeared with his father Bubba on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime.” At one point, Bubba revealed that 10 minutes before the interview with Watters, young Holden asked if he could paint his face again. That marvelous act of defiance drew a laugh from the host.

Perhaps it also gave Bongino inspiration.

“I’m not taking the cancel culture bulls*** anymore, and I suggest you don’t either,” Bongino said.

The host dedicated his tirade to Phillips and urged football fans to paint their faces at every game this weekend.

“This is your way to tell cancel culture, ‘Stick it up your a**,'” the host said while again flashing two middle fingers.

Finally, Bongino encouraged Holden to “stand strong, brother. We’re all with you.”

WARNING: The following video contains language that some may find offensive. 

On Sunday, the Chiefs will visit the Green Bay Packers. Holden’s — and Taylor Swift’s — favorite team will play its next home game Dec. 10 vs. the Buffalo Bills.

If you live in the Kansas City area and have ever considered selling red and black face paint, this might be a good time to launch your business.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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