FBI and Soros Family Bumping Elbows? Top Secret Doc Reveals Unlikely Alliance – Report

One of the most powerful federal officials in the United States will rub elbows with some of the world’s most well-connected elites at the World Economic Forum conference this month. Journalist Jordan Schachtel obtained the WEF’s partially redacted attendee list, publishing it on his Substack on Monday. The World Economic Forum event of 2023 is slated to begin on Jan. 16 in Davos, Switzerland. FBI Director Christopher Wray is listed as a participant in the conference, with the roster describing him as the director of the federal agency. The son of left-wing oligarch George Soros is also listed as an attendee. Alexander Soros serves as Deputy Chair of the Board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, an NGO that works to advance the billionaire’s preferred policy positions in world governments. Executives for corporations such as Blackrock and Pfizer are also listed as attendees. Wray is also listed as a member of the American delegation to the conference on material published by the U.S. Embassy to Switzerland. A group of senators and members of Congress are listed as Davos participants, as well as climate envoy John Kerry and Secretary of Labor Martin J. Walsh. Wray delivered a video message to a WEF conference in 2020. The FBI director touted the agency’s work on online cybercrime in that message. This appears to be the first time the law enforcement official is attending the WEF’s conference in Davos in person. The globalist organization is expecting 52 heads of state and almost 600 CEOs of multinational corporations at the Davos event this month, according to Breitbart. The Davos event has become a platform for the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people to advocate for an agenda that critics call elitist and contemptuous of the middle class. Thousands of private jets have traveled to the Swiss resort town in which the conference is held in previous years, all the while speakers at the event advocate for insect-based diets and restrictions on automobile use for environmental reasons. The organizers of the conference are expecting record-setting turnout this year, according to Reuters. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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