Fans Infuriated Over Painfully Obvious NFL Push for a ‘Taylor Swift’ Super Bowl, Citing ‘Ridiculous’ Penalties to Prove It

Fans Infuriated Over Painfully Obvious NFL Push for a ‘Taylor Swift’ Super Bowl, Citing ‘Ridiculous’ Penalties to Prove It

NFL fans are upset about what one characterized as the “ridiculous” referee calls in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Chiefs eked out a 17 – 10 win, meaning they will return to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years.

And of course the Chiefs’ coverage this year has been characterized by the prolific presence of singer Taylor Swift in the stands.

On Sunday, after her beau, Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, caught a touchdown pass, there was the obligatory cut-to Taylor reaction shot.

Swift even appeared to get sick of it. She could be seen mouthing, “Go away, please,” in the midst of a cut to her during a promotion for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

Following the Chiefs’ win, the NFL showed the singer joining Kelce on the field for a celebratory hug and kiss.

Multiple people posted on X that they felt the game was rigged to lead to these kind of Taylor and Travis moments.

NFL Draft Files suggested a penalty called against Ravens linebacker Kyle Van Noy when he slightly butted his helmet off Kelce’s was an example of the refs taking sides.

“The refs are rigging this game in favor of the #Chiefs… this is a RIDICULOUS call!!! The NFL is DESPERATE for that Taylor Swift Super Bowl money,” the post read.

There were other obvious holding and pass interference penalties by the Chiefs at crucial moments in the game that the referees did not call.

One missed holding call appeared to allow Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes the time he needed to connect with Kelce in the end zone.

In another play, Ravens tight end Isaiah Likely is pushed down in the end zone long before the ball arrives, allowing the Chiefs to intercept. “[R]igged the game for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce,” one user responded on X.

Another X user called the game “scripted” after an apparent missed pass interference call, though not as grievous as the end zone push.

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence, and the Ravens got their undeserved breaks, too, but fans sure see it as the NFL’s efforts to convert Taylor and Travis’ love story into a Super Bowl ratings cash-in.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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