Family Makes Devastating Discovery After Lowering GoPro Into a Well

Family Makes Devastating Discovery After Lowering GoPro Into a Well

A family in Massachusetts was devastated after finding their missing loved one lying dead at the bottom of a well on his property, and now they have questions.

The story reminds us that life can be a fleeting thing and that we should be sure to keep our attention on our loved ones and be aware of their conditions, mentally and physically.

Keith McKechnie’s family said the last time he was seen was on Sept. 7 at his home in Avon, Massachusetts, about 30 minutes south of Boston, WBTS-CD reported. They also noted that he had a history of health issues, but was often reluctant to seek care.

Local residents had finally resolved to launch a search party starting on McKechnie’s property to search for the 45-year-old man on Saturday, but before they could organize the effort, the police cordoned off the area. Soon enough, the Avon Fire Department joined the police at the East High Street residence.

“They had the whole street blocked off, and they were up there for four or five hours,” neighbor John Hegarty told the outlet.

Officials later reported that a family member had lowered a GoPro camera into a well on the property and that the device recorded the body of the missing man.

Family members told officials that McKechnie’s cousin lowered the camera down into the well and then contacted authorities when he thought he saw the man’s body on the recording.

“It just seems kind of strange that he was right there in the backyard the whole time,” Hegarty added. “It doesn’t make sense because that was the first place I would’ve looked if I knew there was a well there.”

Still, the Avon Police Department told residents that they had previously looked in the well and did not find any evidence of the missing man at the time.

Christine Connolly, one of McKechnie’s cousins, told the station, “The family made several calls, as well as in person, and asked them that the well needed to be looked at.”

No cause of death has been offered so far, and police are investigating.

However, the district attorney’s office did say that there were no obvious signs of trauma to suggest foul play. A toxicology report is still pending.

“Our thoughts are very much with the McKechnie family tonight,” District Attorney Michael Morrissey said in a statement, according to WCVB-TV. “This is a very sad result.”

But Connolly added that clues do not add up to an accidental death in the case of her missing cousin.

“We felt something nefarious happened because Keith didn’t have his wallet, cell phone or his glasses. The glasses were found by the well on the ground. We were told that they had determined due to the size of the well and Keith’s build, he wouldn’t fit,” she said, according to WBTS-CD.

The deceased man’s brother, Aaron, also told the outlet that he warned the police to check the well.

“I told them he was a large size, and if his body was being concealed, the most likely place to find him would be in the well by the side of the garage where he stays,” Aaron claimed he told officers.

Hegarty was saddened by the whole incident.

“I’m just so sad that it happened,” the neighbor said. “I mean he was a nice guy.”

It is, indeed, a sad out come for Mr. McKechnie and his family. Perhaps this story may serve as a warning to all of us to stay close to our loved ones.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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