Exterminator Stunned by What He Found in Client’s Walls, Pics Show the Shocking Find

A California exterminator was surprised to find a mother lode inside one of his customer’s homes. This wasn’t a colony of termites or bedbugs, though. Exterminator Nick Castro found more than 700 pounds of acorns inside the chimney of a vacation home in December, according to The Press Democrat. The stash — which was stacked more than 25 feet high — was unlike anything the exterminator had seen in his career. “I’ve never seen anything like that.” “The more acorns I pulled out from the wall, the more there were. It felt like it wasn’t going to end.” Castro believes that he knows who — or what — is responsible. The exterminator originally believed that a dead animal was the cause of an obstruction inside the home’s chimney and walls, according to KSAZ-TV. A group of acorn woodpeckers collected the stash inside the homeowners’ chimney, according to the exterminator. The birds resorted to collecting acorns inside the chimney after the house’s previous owners wrapped the home’s exterior in vinyl, Castro believes. The birds had been collecting the acorns inside the chimney for two to five years, according to Castro’s estimate. A photo of the dislodged stash showed its magnitude. Castro’s extermination crew needed eight different garbage bags to remove the acorn stash from the home. Castro’s crew noticed the birds arriving at the vacation home to continue their hoarding work as they cleared the stash of acorns from the residence. The crew also sealed holes in the home’s attic that the birds were using to enter the structure, according to KTVU. Castro’s business shared several pictures of the acorn stash on the company’s Facebook page. Acorn woodpeckers are known for their prolific hoarding habits, according to All About Birds. The birds normally choose oak trees for the storage of their acorn stashes. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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