Ex-NBA Champ Shares Screenshot of Soccer League’s Ridiculous Question for His Son – He’s Fuming

Former NBA big man Andrew Bogut called out the left’s radical gender agenda Tuesday. The 38-year-old Australian, who won a championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, demonstrated throughout the latter part of his storied career that he is not one to hold his tongue. That is especially true when his 6-year-old son is asked by soccer’s governing body in his native country if the boy is “non-binary,” “gender fluid” or some other mythical identity concocted by lunatics. Bogut called out Football Australia on Twitter and showed his followers the organization has embraced the absurd notion that gender is merely a construct of one’s mind. He shared an image of a drop-down menu that had asked his son to select his gender as he signed up to play soccer. The menu had two unnecessary options: “Non-Binary/Gender Fluid” and “Gender Identity not sufficiently represented.” A simple “male” or “female” would have sufficed, given the fact God created two genders that perfectly complement one another. Bogut fumed about it. “Signing our 6 YEAR OLD! Once again, 6 YEAR OLD! up for soccer. Cmon @FootballAUS,” he said. Thanks to a Twitter feature that shows users the reach of a post, we know the tweet was seen almost 7 million times as of Friday morning. That’s a lot of people. Millions witnessed the No. 1 overall pick of the 2005 NBA draft stand up for his child and stand against far-left radicalism. There were those who were offended by Bogut’s post, of course, and he responded to several of them: Bogut never backed down after he was targeted online. In fact, he continued to double down. On Thursday night, he called out the NBA’s Toronto Raptors after the team apologized when some of its players celebrated Women’s History Month by correctly stating only women can give birth. “Soft as butter,” he wrote to the team. “Only WOMEN can have babies.” In a world where so many opt to watch silently as these insane ideas spread, Bogut’s candor is refreshing. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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