Ex-MLB Star Aubrey Huff Quits Social Media After Leaked Message to Conservative Influencer

Ex-MLB Star Aubrey Huff Quits Social Media After Leaked Message to Conservative Influencer

Two-time World Series champion slugger Aubrey Huff has left social media because a message he allegedly sent a conservative influencer went viral after she posted it on her X account.

In the message, Huff appeared to ask Isabella DeLuca if she wanted to have drinks and make some “bad decisions” with him on Christmas morning.

The 47-year-old former member of the San Francisco Giants later deleted his account.

DeLuca has been criticized on X for the last week over images of her in bathing suits as part of a broader argument about some conservative women who recently chose to pose for a calendar marketed for conservative men.

While DeLuca did not appear in the calendar, she and another X user named Rachel Wilson began arguing.

Wilson had taken aim at DeLuca over a number of photos she had posted on her account.

The two women spent several days trading barbs.

At one point, Huff commented on the argument, which he called a “cat fight,” according to The New York Post — which saw the tweet before it was taken down.

Huff tagged both women and described their argument about modesty as “proof that most today’s women even know … their sexuality is all they bring to the table.”

“Complete with a desperate need for attention, crippling debt, drama, delusional self worth, & a complete lack of accountability,” Huff added.

In a response to the tweet, DeLuca shared a screenshot of a direct message she said she had received from the retired ball player only days earlier that she did not appear to have responded to.

In response to Huff, DeLuca wrote, “Is that why you dm’ed me? Because of my ‘delusional self worth’ and ‘desperate need for attention’?”

DeLuca then wrote of Huff, “[t]his man has the audacity to insult me but is a married father of 2 dming me on christmas day.”

In the message Huff allegedly sent, the former baseball star wrote, “Hey beautiful let’s Colab over cocktails and bad decisions.”

DeLuca also questioned whether Huff was married, but Huff has been divorced for several years, according to the Post.

Huff’s account was later deactivated and remains unavailable.


According to Turning Point USA, DeLuca was previously “assaulted by Antifa rioters for carrying a Trump Flag to a Women’s March protest in Washington, D.C.”

Per the Post, Huff was suspended from Twitter for questioning the official COVID narrative and on a separate occasion for comments about the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, but his account was reinstated after Elon Musk purchased the platform and renamed it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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