EPA Rolls EVs on Stage for Huge Event, Then People Notice Something Very Wrong

EPA Rolls EVs on Stage for Huge Event, Then People Notice Something Very Wrong

Former President Donald Trump may be notorious for his pettiness, but the Biden administration’s recent event spotlighting electric vehicles might have surpassed even Trump’s capacity for pettiness.

On March 20, the Environmental Protection Agency hosted an event at the DC Armory in Washington wherein it announced the Biden administration’s insane and thoroughly unpopular plans to reduce carbon emissions from gas-powered cars by 55 percent by the year 2032.

Sporting the optimistic name of “Accelerating America: Supercharging Communities and America,” the event displayed a wide range of electric vehicles from a variety of automobile manufacturers and aimed to persuade, if not bully, reluctant consumers to adopt the expensive and often unreliable technology.

As reported March 21 by the environmental publication EcoWatch, these newly released standards “are predicted to help speed up the adoption of green vehicle technologies.”

Never mind the fact that many Americans do not like or want electric vehicles.

Getty Images photos and official EPA video of the event showed that the stage displayed several EVs from a wide range of automobile manufacturers, including Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler and General Motors.

Here’s where the pettiness comes in.

Though a Tesla Cybertruck was included in the event, it was not given the same prominent place on stage as other companies’ vehicles — even though Tesla is the most visible EV company in the world.

Indeed, not only was Tesla the one company featured in this event that solely manufactures EVs, but as of last year, it had sold more EVs than Ford, GM and Chrysler combined, according to The Street.

Despite that, the relative newcomers to the EV market were prominently displayed on the stage while Tesla was relegated to the less-seen floor space.


Considering how much Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has publicly criticized the Biden administration, what else could this be but a slight to Musk himself?

Tesla was the reason EVs became feasible consumer products in the first place.

But since Musk has aligned himself further and further away from the political left, he apparently must be punished for his wrongthink — at least in the minds of those running the show at the Biden White House.

Well, if that was the intention, mission accomplished.

The Biden administration has demonstrated it might be the pettiest administration ever to disgrace the United States.

Considering Trump’s admittedly just reputation for pettiness, that is a remarkable feat.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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