It’s ‘Entirely Possible’ Disney Replaces Another Iconic Masculine Character with Woke Recasting

It is never enough for the left to add woke characters to re-makes of classic stories to check liberal boxes. They also feel the need to totally refashion featured characters in service to that same agenda. And it is looking like Disney is about to do it again, replacing an iconic, masculine character to push the woke narrative. According to reports, the long-awaited fifth “Indiana Jones” film may not do well at the box office, which would not be a surprise considering the growing list of flops Disney is experiencing. Ahead of its June 30 release, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” has the worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a mere 61 percent Tomatometer rating. Granted, it hasn’t been seen yet, but this newest Disney film is the lowest-rated of all the “Indiana Jones” movies. The first one, from 1981, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” has earned a 93 percent fresh rating, number two, “The Temple of Doom,” earned a 72 percent score, and number three, “The Last Crusade,” has an 84 percent rating, and the previous low-rating holder was “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” at 77 percent. The rating could easily change once the film is released, but it doesn’t look good so far, and it shows how little trust fans have in the film. But another bad sign was the mixed reviews it received at the Cannes Film Festival, wire service AFP reported. Along with that, projections for its box office take are soft, as well. Industry insiders are only expecting a $60 million opening, Deadline reported early this month. If this estimate holds true, it will be one of the worst openings of any Indy movie. By comparison, the second earned $74 million, “Last Crusade” earned $72 million, “Crystal Skull” came in at $142 million (all adjusted for inflation, per Breitbart News). Only the first Indy movie, which earned $27.7 million, was less — and the financial world of movies was very different when that film premiered in 1982. Whatever happens upon the opening of the Disney film, other news about the possible future of the franchise is also not very encouraging to fans. According to Variety, producers of the film are claiming that Harrison Ford’s co-star in the upcoming film, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, could be positioned to take over the series and become Indiana Jones’ replacement. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy — whose name has become synonymous with mediocrity — reportedly said that “it’s entirely possible” that Waller-Bridge’s character, “Helena Shaw,” can take over the franchise. Still, even as Kennedy said it’s possible, she added, “We’re not having any of those conversations right now. We’re just focused on finishing this with Harrison.” Waller-Bridge has not wowed fans with her debut in the trailers for the movie. Indeed, Breitbart News called Waller-Bridge “a favorite only among the Hollywood Elite after doing a streaming show called ‘Fleabag’ less than one percent of the country watched.”
Certainly, Ford has already said that this will be his last tour as Indiana Jones. And if there are to be more such films, someone will have to take over. But is Waller-Bridge the right person for the job? Fans are not so sure. She has been labeled a nasty scold and a “girlboss” who spends the film dissing everyone’s favorite hero, Indiana Jones, by chiding him as old and slow and infirm throughout the clips so far seen. But, if Kennedy has her way and replaces Indiana Jones with the Helena Shaw character, it will be another example of a famed heroic male character being sent down the memory hole for an affirmative action pick. It’s just another example of the woke agenda taking over. And Disney just refuses to learn its lesson. CORRECTION, June 26, 2023: Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars alongside Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” An earlier version of this article gave a different last name. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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