Elon Musk Makes Good Use of Advertising Revenue Stemming from Israel-Gaza War

Elon Musk Makes Good Use of Advertising Revenue Stemming from Israel-Gaza War

Elon Musk announced Tuesday that his platform X will donate all advertising revenue from decisions about Israel’s war against Islamic terrorism to innocent people in the region.

Musk said that the funds will go to Israeli hospitals while some of it will go to trusted organizations to help struggling civilians in Gaza.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX also has a plan to ensure none of the funds end up in the hands of Hamas.

“X Corp will be donating all revenue from advertising & subscriptions associated with the war in Gaza to hospitals in Israel and the Red Cross/Crescent in Gaza,” Musk announced on Tuesday afternoon.

After he was asked how he would ensure the money is used properly, he said he would track how the funds are disbursed.

“We will track how funds are spent and go through Red Cross/Crescent,” Musk said in response to a question about keeping the cash in the right hands.

The billionaire also said he is open to ideas from the public on maximizing the impact of the cash.

“Better ideas are welcome,” Musk added. “We should care about the innocent regardless of race, creed, religion or anything else.”

Musk has been accused of anti-Semitism in recent weeks and is currently preparing for a courtroom battle with the far-left so-called information watchdog group Media Matters for America.

After Media Matters claimed in a report that it had been bombarded with ads on posts that it said were anti-Semitic, Musk and X fired back and accused the company of manipulating the process it used so that it intentionally saw major brands’ ads in its timeline — after it intentionally followed fringe accounts.

Musk said Media Matters did so in order to fraudulently paint X as a platform of extremism.

He is also suing for alleged defamation.

In the days since the Media Matters report dropped, X has seen a number of major corporations pause advertising on the platform.

Apple, IBM and Disney were among a number of major corporations who stopped using X to reach potential customers, CNBC reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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