Electric Bus Loses Power Going Up Hill, Rolls Backward and Crashes Into Line of Cars

Electric Bus Loses Power Going Up Hill, Rolls Backward and Crashes Into Line of Cars

Electric vehicles sure do seem safe and effective. Or am I mixing my propaganda?

According to social media user Xian Ke, a Google-operated electric bus suffered a power loss on Monday morning while attempting to scale one of San Francisco’s many hills. The out-of-control bus then rolled down the hill and crashed into nine vehicles.

Monday on X, formerly Twitter, Ke posted a 10-second clip of the crash’s aftermath.

From the video, it appeared that the bus had driven two vehicles onto a wide sidewalk. One of the vehicles looked wedged between a tree and a concrete or metal pole.

The side of the gray bus proudly featured the words “100% Battery Electric.”

Ke explained that the video and incident description came from a friend.

“Some local journalists need to be on this: ‘A google bus lost its power while going up the hill and roll back and hit 9 cars this morning outside of my place’ (Castro district, SF). Video from my friend below,” Ke posted.

The California Bay Area news outlet KTVU reported that the crash resulted in one hospitalization and multiple damaged vehicles.


According to that same report, however, the crash’s cause “remains under investigation.” Indeed, “[n]either the SFPD nor Google explained what caused the collision.”

Fancy that. Neither Google nor the police would confirm what an eyewitness reported: The electric bus lost power. Good thing the bus did not write an anti-white manifesto and then murder Christians. In that case, we would not know about it until the bus’s manifesto leaked seven months later.

Even the KTVU story seemed subtly calculated to protect the EV narrative. In the first line of that story, the word “electric” appeared in quotation marks, as if that part of the story somehow remained in doubt.

And when did Google get into the transportation business?

In any case, the reaction on social media was predictable.

“Yay for green energy!!! Destructively eco-friendly!” self-described “Recovered Radical Leftist” and MAGA supporter Colton Weeks posted.

“Lololol electric brakes are fun when you lose electricity,” another X user sarcastically wrote.

The electric vehicle issue has always struck me as simple. If you want one, purchase one. I wish you well.

But the people who push those vehicles with relentless ferocity also believe that we can alter the climate by giving more power to people like themselves. In short, they lie. And they enlist others — tech companies, establishment media and even local police — to amplify the lie.

Thus, when they demand that we all switch to EVs, their demand alone amounts to mathematical proof that we must not.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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