Dylan Mulvaney Must Realize His Stardom Is Over After What He Saw in Penn State Auditorium

Dylan Mulvaney Must Realize His Stardom Is Over After What He Saw in Penn State Auditorium

One of the more interesting idiosyncrasies of the far left is that, despite their collective insistence that everything must be humanized (See: virtually every PETA complaint ever), they are shockingly comfortable using and disposing of humans based on little more than flavors of the week.

While this has borne true time and time again, few fading stars have been more noticeable and demonstrative than that of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

If you’ll recall, Mulvaney, a man who claims to be a woman, became a rising social media star when he began chronicling his journey into (attempted) womanhood.

The popularity peaked with a disastrous partnership with Bud Light that saw the embattled beer manufacturer send Mulvaney a commemorative can with his face on it back in April — and send away swathes of its own customer base in the process.

A lot of people didn’t approve of or appreciate Mulvaney’s appropriation of womanhood, and even more people vehemently disagreed with Bud Light’s tacit approval of it.

The ensuing outrage and fallout is well-worn territory at this point, but it’s worth noting that something mildly peculiar happened as time passed: Both conservatives and leftists have sort of moved on from it all.

For conservatives, the damage had largely been done.

Bud Light is reeling, and jobs were lost. Bud Light is such a successfully damaged brand that most conservatives have barely batted an eyelash at the right-leaning UFC partnering with the beer brand, or Kid Rock enjoying the occasional Bud Light. (And these partnerships and endorsements do not appear to have stymied the company’s woes.)

For the left? With Mulvaney fulfilling his role as martyr to the left, it appears that he’s also used up most of his usefulness to them.

And that was painfully apparent when the transgender influencer showed up at Penn State University for some speech on Tuesday.

It’s not worth covering Mulvaney’s comments for the same reason it’s not worth covering the incoherent ramblings of a homeless vagabond (and if OutKick’s coverage of his remarks are any indication, it’s the typical victimhood drivel you’d come to expect from Mulvaney in 2023), but it is worth noting one thing about the event: Nobody cared.


And lest you think that’s some duplicitous and manipulated picture from the conservative Young America’s Foundation, look no further than the viral snippet from Penn State Student Programming Association own TikTok account, bragging about all of the people who wanted to stick around after the speech for some free social media clout:

WARNING: The following clip features someone who is annoying and disturbed

@psuspa We love a good post-lecture she/they outift of the day! 🐾✨ #psu #pennstate #psuspa #lecture #dylanmulvaney #studentprogramming #pennstateuniversity ♬ original sound – Penn State SPA

Look, there could be any number of reasons to explain Mulvaney’s suddenly dwindling star.

As mentioned above, perhaps he’s just served his purpose to the left. Perhaps transgenderism, as an ideology, has finally pushed the envelope too far in America. Or, perhaps, you need more marketable skills than just “pretending to be a woman” to remain relevant in the cutthroat “content creation” world.

Or, perhaps, people finally realized the truth about Mulvaney: Take away his transgenderism and what are you left with? For the sake of argument, even if Mulvaney were a “her,” “she” would be a loud, abrasive, obnoxious and self-obsessed “woman.”

You almost can’t even blame the left for losing interest in its own creation.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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