‘I Don’t Think So’: Trump Tees Off on Biden with Mic Drop at Golf Tournament

While America’s eyes are focused on the upcoming November midterm elections, there are just as many people who are eyeing things a couple of years down the road. Why? Because while many expect a “red wave” to potentially flip both the House and Senate majorities to the Republican side, the 2024 election remains a bit hazier. The eventual presidential face-off that most are expecting? Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Anyone waiting for the 2nd round of Trump vs. Biden were treated to just a small sampling of what to expect at a recent LIV Golf tournament at the Trump National Doral Miami resort and golf course. LIV Golf is in town at Miami for their season-ending Team Championship tournament, slated to take place across Friday and Saturday. Trump appeared on Thursday as part of the pro-am tournament that typically precedes the pro part of the tournament. But even without the more robust crowds typically expected for the major part of the tournament, Trump was in form and reveling in the chance to take a stab at the incumbent president. After ripping a tee shot with his driver, Trump turned to the audience for a simple, mic drop of a question. “Do you think Biden could do that?” Trump asked after using his driver. “I don’t think so.” Ouch. Given that Biden often can’t find the correct general direction to walk in, Trump’s biting four-word response to his own rhetorical question has to sting. You can see both Trump’s full remarks and golf swing in the video below: Many are expecting Trump and Biden to face off again in 2024 in the primary election, but there are some outside factors that could change that, such as a possible Republican challenge from Florida governor Ron DeSantis or Biden electing not to run. A potential 2024 opponent was not the only target for Trump today. The former president took square aim at PGA Golf, which has been embroiled in an ugly feud with LIV Golf. “The PGA is being destroyed by the PGA,” Trump said, according to the Naples Daily News, “They were stupid, and they shouldn’t be stupid.” Trump has sided with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf and was attacking the PGA’s tours financial issues. Trump said the PGA is paying for increased prize money by “breaking into (the players’) pension fund.” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan did confirm that the tour is using reserves to help pay for elevated purses. “The tour mishandled it so badly and the people at the top, something should happen with them, they mishandled it so badly. The tour decided to go, as Richard Nixon said, to stonewall it. That didn’t work out too well for them.” So how did Trump do when he wasn’t eviscerating his competition, both professionally and politically? Trump and his team, which included son Eric and granddaughter Kai, shot 9-under and actually tied the low score of the day. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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