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Each Month 20 Million People Watch His Glory

In a single month, your donation helps us broadcast the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the earth into the heart of each person, bringing them hope and encouragement.

All donations and gifts are 100% tax-deductible and support spreading the testimony of hope and redemption through our Savior Christ Jesus.

All of us at HIS GLORY work for The MOST HIGH through our donation of time.

HIS GLORY was born to give people

“a future of hope”

Jer 29:11.

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Land, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, retirement, trusts, and more.

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Your Giving Will Help His Glory Reach
1 Billion People For Jesus!

There are 3 billion people in this world that have not heard the name of Jesus. We believe that we will see a 1 billion person harvest through His Glory. Your giving will help us reach those lost and without the hope of Jesus Christ. We know that God’s biggest harvest is coming. Let’s make it happen – together.

HIS GLORY was born to give people

“a future of hope”