Don Lemon ‘Cut the Cord’ with Corporate Media, Reveals He’s Watching Conservative Programs

Don Lemon ‘Cut the Cord’ with Corporate Media, Reveals He’s Watching Conservative Programs

‘Tis the season for revelation — even if it’s probably insincere.

Don Lemon — the CNN anchor who was canned in April following a slew of on-air foot-in-the-mouth moments and off-air scandals — is now seemingly flirting with conservatives.

Does this mean Lemon has made a 180-degree turn to the right? No. But it does serve as an example of a hardcore leftist either emerging from the establishment media echo chamber or throwing long-held convictions to the wind when it suits him.

Lemon came out as a conservative sympathizer in recent comments to Puck, saying, “Since leaving corporate media I cut the cord. I have an extensive, eclectic streaming palate now.”

The former CNN poster boy said his favorites nowadays are the “PBD Podcast” hosted by Patrick Bet-David, which Lemon described as “very conservative,” and “The Ben Shapiro Show.” (“I want to hear his take on Israel,” Lemon said.)

Lemon wasn’t finished trolling right-wing waters. He said he watches Fox Nation’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored” for its “very real, authentic conversations you don’t get in corporate media.”

Is Lemon hoping for an interview with Sean Hannity so the two will hit it off as Hannity and super-slick radical leftist Gavin Newsom did? Maybe Hannity can bring Lemon back into the corporate fold — this time on the so-called conservative end of the spectrum.

That’s how the establishment media works. It’s a revolving door strategy for soulless empty suits waiting to be filled with whatever a corporate sponsor might want to pour into them.

Lemon’s confession may seem odd to those who realize he was reportedly fired over incidents such as calling Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley “past her prime.” He also engaged in an on-air tiff with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Add to that a history of “diva-likebehavior behind the scenes, and it’s no surprise network executives found him to be more of an embarrassment than an asset.

With all this in play for the world to see, Lemon claimed he was caught completely off-guard by his firing. He went so far as to say he had no idea his job was even on the line. It was poof and his 17-year career at CNN was gone.

But Lemon shouldn’t take it personally. The guy who fired him — CNN CEO Chris Licht — resigned himself a few months later. The network, you see, has had a long bout of ratings problems. Somebody had to take the fall.

For those who followed Lemon on CNN, he seemed to hold conservatives in more contempt than a devil has for a saint. So why the sudden love for conservative media? Is Lemon so shameless as to flirt with his archenemies in the hopes of landing a job?

Whatever the case, Lemon’s revelations aren’t going to convince anybody he has integrity — but it might convince someone in the establishment media to let in a Trojan horse.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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