Domino’s Plan to Give Pizzas Away to Those with Student Loans Painfully Backfires

Domino’s Plan to Give Pizzas Away to Those with Student Loans Painfully Backfires

Tales being told on social media paint a picture of disaster breaking out at Domino’s pizza shops in response to its “Emergency Pizza” program.

The concept was simple.

In late October, Domino’s found a way to ingratiate itself with anyone having to actually start paying back student loans.

Payments were stopped during the pandemic, a hiatus that continued until this fall.

“Student loan payments have resumed for millions of Americans, and we wanted to help in our own little way by using the power of pizza to do something nice for our customers,” Kate Trumbull, Domino’s senior vice president – chief brand officer, said in a Domino’s news release.

“When life gives you loans, Domino’s gives you free pizza!” she said in the release.

The release said that Domino’s Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans would give out one free medium two-topping pizza to anyone redeeming  Emergency Pizza for Student Loans codes.

The giveaway started Oct. 25 and was supposed to last until $1 million worth of pizzas were given away.

According to the website Techspot, which relied upon a subreddit as its source of information, the plan functioned just fine until the creative genius that is always spurred by the thought of free stuff, or a glitch in the system, allowed people to use the online-issued code to get more than one pizza.

“We just had like 30 orders of free emergency pizzas, a [customer] just walked in and took 5 free emergency pizzas different orders and receipts, but same name [sic],” a poster identified as a worker said, Techspot reported.

“Who in their right mind decided to give free pizzas? Corporate are brainless,” the poster was quoted as saying.

“One guy had 10 pizzas and another person had 8 pizzas,” said another post cited by Techspot.

The Techspot report claimed that the program was canceled by some franchises.

Domino’s corporate headquarters did not give Techspot a reply, the site said.

Domino’s website says that the program is now over.

The website said it was scheduled to end on Nov. 9.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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