‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Hints That Joe Biden May Possibly ‘Commit Suicide’ Like Hitler Did

Hitler comparisons and rhetoric involving the death of enemies are typically tools of the secular left. Sadly, on Friday, they were the tools of devoted Christian Duane Chapman, or as you probably know him, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” While speaking at a Christian conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Chapman shared a “theory” he has regarding the 2020 election and the president. The event was part of the “Opening the Heavens Conference.” According to the conference’s official website, the event was meant to demonstrate “the prophetic heart of God” and “the manifestation of His supernatural power.” During a speech, Chapman posited that President Biden might take his own life in the event that evidence of “cheating” comes out regarding Biden’s victory over then-President Donald Trump two years ago. Chapman suggested such evidence would be revealed after a “red wave” takes place in the November midterm elections. “Wait until November … when the Republican Party … wipes them out,” Chapman said, referring to Democrats. “I don’t care how many ballot boxes there are, I don’t care how they try to cheat. Wait till you see what happens.” Chapman then talked about Biden, whom he previously referred to as “Little Hitler,” according to the online magazine Consequence. “I told you this morning, Little Hitler, and if you’ll remember, Hitler committed suicide. You know why? Because he was caught,” Chapman said. “And you know what’s gonna happen? They’re gonna catch these cheaters, and I’m not saying with my mouth or my tongue that he’s gonna commit suicide, but you never know.” On Tuesday, Chapman shared another video from the event on Twitter. What Chapman said was nothing to be proud of. Wishing the suicide of others, or even gleefully discussing the possibility such a horrific act might take place, is not appropriate, especially at a Christian conference on prophecy. Christians are called to be better, we’re called to love even our greatest enemies in spite of their flaws. Because we are all fallen, and in the eyes of God, Biden’s sins are no greater than those of Duane Chapman or anyone else. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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