Disturbing Video Allegedly Shows ‘Trans’ Person Chasing Elderly Woman After She Told Him to Use the Men’s Bathroom

Disturbing Video Allegedly Shows ‘Trans’ Person Chasing Elderly Woman After She Told Him to Use the Men’s Bathroom

Men who claim they’re women by calling themselves “transgender” apparently think it’s OK to harass old women who want men to stay out of ladies’ bathrooms.

In an arrogant display of left-wing entitlement, a self-professed transgender person stalked and threatened an elderly hostel maid simply because she allegedly told him not to go into a woman’s bathroom.

Shockingly, the trans activist recorded his abusive conduct and uploaded it online, as if he were proud that he harassed an old lady.

The video begins with a man accosting a maid at a hostel as she tries to do her job.

A caption across the bottom of the clip reads, “Confronting the hostel worker who told me, a trans woman, to use the men’s toilet.”

“I’m a girl. I’m a trans woman,” the left-wing troll said in a deep baritone voice. In cowardly fashion, he did not show his own face on camera.

When the self-described “trans woman” kept following the maid around, she repeatedly told him to take up the issue up with the reception desk and suggested he stop bothering her.

“I’m a woman. Don’t be transphobic to me,” he said.

It should be noted that the video doesn’t contain any information about who made it or where or when it was recorded, so its credibility is a matter of judgment. However, it was publicized Tuesday on the invaluable Libs of TikTok account on the social media platform X.

The old lady kept trying to get away from the self-declared “trans woman” as he tormented her and interrupted her workday.

After getting frustrated with the maid’s avoidance of him, the transgender activist threatened to “ruin” her, claiming he’s an important person.

“You have no idea what sort of social status I have. I could ruin your whole reputation,” he warned. “I could ruin this whole hostel.”


The old woman, apparently concerned the confrontation might escalate, then hurried to a room and locked the door behind her.

It’s unclear if the man who filmed the video is indeed a transgender person — or how he was dressed, for that matter — as the clip hasn’t been confirmed. However, if we take the excerpt at face value, it appears to show a man stalking, harassing and threatening an old lady.

This aggressive, intimidating behavior would be unacceptable even if it were a woman doing that to another woman.

However, a man harassing and threatening an old lady makes it doubly inexcusable and offensive.


The outrageous sense of entitlement displayed by the self-described “trans woman” perfectly encapsulates the left’s hypocritical, condescending attitude toward anyone who doesn’t bend the knee to their toxic agenda.

Men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms. It’s not just the obvious questions of modesty and privacy involved. Women also don’t want men in their bathrooms because they’re afraid of being attacked, raped or killed.

There have been incidents where a man pretending to be a woman sexually assaulted or beat a woman in a ladies’ bathroom or locker room.

The left — which claims to champion women — is waging a twisted war on women, all while hypocritically attacking conservatives and other Republicans as sexist. What a joke.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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