Disney Enrages Citizens with New Ad, Has People Saying They Would Pay to Remove It

It’s been a rough month for New Yorkers. This week, they learned they will likely be losing their wood-fired pizza ovens due to climate change concerns. And last week, the city began bombarding their eardrums with annoying ads for Disney’s new movie “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” “Subway stations across the city are advertising a new Indiana Jones movie through audible announcements over intercoms, prompting grievances from riders,” Gothamist reported on June 20. The ads came at 10-minute intervals, preceded by the iconic theme song and a man’s voice declaring, “In 10 days, a legend will face his destiny.”

WARNING: The following tweet contains language that some readers will find offensive.

For some, it was an unwelcome intrusion on their journey.

Oddly enough, the sound quality of the ad blaring over the loudspeakers was noticeably better than that of the messages normally conveyed over the system. “Unlike the standard garbled announcements, the ad is crystal clear,” the Intelligencer observed. The difference was not lost on riders. “[That feeling when] the only crystal-clear subway announcement you’ve ever heard is a 12-second ad for the fifth Indiana Jones movie,” one user commented on Twitter. Local newsman Pat Kiernan launched a poll on Twitter that showed a majority of straphangers gave the campaign two thumbs down, saying they wouldn’t approve of the ads even if they came with discounted fares. The subway ad may have been inspired by a scene from the upcoming film, which opens Friday. An extended trailer for the movie shows Indiana Jones galloping down a subway track with a train hot on his heels.
Disney appears to be pulling out all the stops to reach potential moviegoers. Having reportedly lost nearly $1 billion on eight films it has released since June 2022, the studio is likely desperate for a box office win. But many New Yorkers resented yet another assault on their senses. “Print ads are one thing; we have a choice,” one Twitter user said in response to Kiernan’s poll. “Audio is forced upon us, like so much of our lives in NYC: trucks in reverse, buses idling, cars with popping mufflers. “It’s invasive and infringes on our quality of life. So yeah, no.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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