Disney Crackdown Results in Park Visitors Being Pulled Out of Line and Banned Indefinitely

Disney Crackdown Results in Park Visitors Being Pulled Out of Line and Banned Indefinitely

Disney is cracking down on third-party tour guides at parks.

Insider reported that the House of Mouse has banned guides as they state they are conducting unauthorized commercial activity.

Third-party guides generally help clients with securing dining and resort reservations in addition to planning their park day. Some even help clients with navigating the parks.

A Disney representative told the outlet, “Unauthorized commercial activities are not permitted at Disney World as clearly stated in our property rules.”

And Disneyland is no different. A representative with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated they have officers at the park every day.

Nicholas Deniz was allegedly slapped with a trespassing notice and was banned from all Walt Disney World property while conducting one of his tours.

His client stated she “felt horrible” watching it happen.

Ramón Rodriguez, a tour guide for over 12 years, told the outlet he was also served with a trespassing notice.

“We provide a service to Disney itself by bringing clients, high-end clients,” Rodriguez stated.

“My clients aren’t eating hamburgers and hot dogs and popcorn. They go to Disney’s high-end restaurants. They stay at Disney’s luxury hotels.”

Disney offers its own VIP tour guide service. The price ranges from $450 to $900 per hour, depending on the season.

It includes pre-arrival planning, the ability to park hop, Lightning Lane access to reduce wait time for rides, and “shared insight from your highly knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide throughout your tour.”

Insider noted the third-party guides are cheaper as it ranges from $180-$250 per hour. But the guides do not have the ability for front-of-the-line ride access.

A representative for Disney stated that “there has been an uptick in abuses of the Disability Access Service and other services, which impede park operations,” which has led to the crackdown.

One guide told the outlet it is known that some have misused the Disability Access Service. “For instance, these companies might tell guides to tell guest services they have Irritable Bowel Syndrome to get a disability pass for themselves,” the individual stated.

Deniz said he has also experienced situations where that occurred.

“I initially worked for a different company,” Deniz said.

“I left because their owner was involved in some of those unethical practices, and I didn’t want to be associated with that any longer.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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