Disgusting Article Reveals Who CNN Thinks the Real Victims in Murder of Laken Riley Are

Disgusting Article Reveals Who CNN Thinks the Real Victims in Murder of Laken Riley Are

CORRECTION, March 5, 2024: Laken Riley was a nursing student at Augusta University at the time of her death. A summary statement initially published with this post incorrectly identified her school.

To CNN and its writers, victims aren’t real victims unless they’re minorities.

An appalling article from the left-leaning news organization was published on Saturday where the author discussed how Hispanic students at the University of Georgia, the school where Laken Riley recently met her brutal death, haven’t “felt safe.”

The article goes into detail about how students aren’t feeling unsafe because an undocumented illegal is suspected of recently killing a student, but instead because racism is the greater evil.

“But then, as the news spread that the suspect in Riley’s killing was an undocumented Venezuelan migrant, Doblado said she became frightened for an entirely different reason,” the article reads.

The article states that there had supposedly been “a number of online threats against migrants and Latino students” at the school, but it even states that CNN has not “independently verified these posts.”

One student said she decided not to attend the vigil held for Riley and another student who committed suicide “out of fear she’d be targeted for being Latina.”

The article noted that several Hispanic student groups held “emotional support events” on the same day as the vigil so they “could discuss their feelings as a community.”

As if that wasn’t enough playing the victim, a deputy executive director for a nonprofit called Latino Community Fund of Georgia then discussed in detail how the murder of a student by an undocumented immigrant has actually hurt the Hispanic community the most.

“A lot of folks are experiencing some very real and justified fear based on messages and narratives that are being spawned and calls to actions or blaming entire groups of people for this murder,” Jean-Luc Rivera, the deputy executive director, said.

The article finished by bringing back the student who’d talked about how she felt unsafe, claiming that, “You need to acknowledge everybody’s pain. The fact that Latino students are processing this grief while on top of it, having to process this fear, it’s very, very scary.”

She said the university needs to be doing more to reassure Hispanic students that they are safe.

“The fact that they’re staying silent is very, very upsetting, and it’s telling … And I love UGA, it’s a great school. But right now, it really sucks to be a Latino student here,” she added said.

The article follows a classic liberal media tactic of never letting a white person be a victim in a situation but instead pushing the narrative that minorities are always hurt the most.

While some students at the campus may have been seeing some unjust statements or claims against them, attempting to push that to the front rather than highlighting the tragedy that has occurred is disgusting behavior.

Even the students in the story deserve minimal sympathy as they look at a situation that saw one of their classmates killed and have turned it around to put attention on themselves and their community.

While conservatives are doing all they can to remember Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing school student at Augusta University, the left is ignoring the pressing problem and creating faux issues.

Perhaps if the border wasn’t being overrun with millions of undocumented migrants who have brought chaos with them, the Hispanic community wouldn’t be getting such criticism.

But rather than acknowledging the root of the problem, liberals instead just cry at the byproducts of their own beliefs.

If the first response to a young woman getting killed by an illegal immigrant is to make sure the Hispanic community is OK, something is clearly wrong with this country.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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