Director and Studio Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ Announce New Film Set for Nationwide Theater Release

After the amazing success of “Sound of Freedom,” Angel Studios is already preparing for what it hopes will become its next hit. The next film from the outfit is entitled “Cabrini” and is being helmed by “Sound of Freedom” director Alejandro Monteverde. “Cabrini” is set for a March 8 debut in theaters, according to a news release from Angel Studios. The movie is a sweeping period piece following the life and work of the Roman Catholic nun Francesca Cabrini, who founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sent by Pope Leo XIII, Cabrini traveled to New York in 1889 to serve the Italian immigrants there. She was declared a saint in 1946 and later named the patroness of immigrants. “Francesca Cabrini is one of the most inspiring and influential figures in modern history, and yet few know her story,” said Liz Ellis, chief operating officer at Angel Studios. “Faced with seemingly insurmountable life obstacles, Cabrini chose instead to focus on how she could change the status quo in her time, and her impact on the world is still felt today.”
As noted, the new film comes from the ambitious Angel Studios, which describes itself as “the home of stories that amplify light.” [firefly_poll] The studio had a surprise hit earlier this year with the release of “Sound of Freedom,” featuring “The Passion of the Christ” star Jim Caviezel. The movie, which was dismissed by far-left reviewers for drawing attention to the horrors of child sex trafficking, was such a success that it even beat out some of the films that Hollywood was counting on to bring in blockbuster money this summer. The Angel Studios news release noted that since its July 4 release, “Sound of Freedom” has earned over $180 million at the domestic box office, “with global markets being added daily.” This is great news for conservatives and Christians who want decent family entertainment. The faith-based films being produced by Angel Studios and others have provided a real alternative to the smut Hollywood is peddling. We have to support these efforts if we want to see a return to quality entertainment. And from the trailer, “Cabrini” looks like a thrilling film that will inspire viewers. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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