Dick Morris: State of the Union Speech Is Biden’s Audition

Dick Morris: State of the Union Speech Is Biden’s Audition

Now that Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination in resounding fashion with his smashing Super Tuesday victories, Joe Biden is facing increasingly panicked criticism from Democrats who dread a return of Trump.

Biden’s State of the Union speech on Thursday assumes the nature of an audition. Democrats worry that he cannot deliver a speech, even with a teleprompter, without stumbling and screwing it up.

Thursday therefore poses a test Biden must pass to be the Democratic nominee for president.

Michelle Obama, the leading alternative to Biden, issued a bland statement yesterday saying that she is not a candidate this year.

But the statement shouldn’t convince anyone. She did not deliver it in person but through her director of communications. We could not look into her eyes to judge her real intent.

We know that she, Hillary Clinton, Gavin Newsom and the rest are all for Biden until they are not. But the plain math of Super Tuesday shows that any Democrat who is willing to bet his bottom dollar on Biden is a fool.

With degenerative mental and physical conditions, he will only get worse.

So the State of the Union speech gives Biden a needed chance to prove that he can complete an English sentence.

His problem is only compounded by the fact that his audience won’t believe much of what he says even if he does manage to get it out.

Illegal immigration has become the major issue facing the country. Nobody is going to believe that Biden will take the necessary steps to protect the border.

Nor are his likely celebratory comments about his success in taming inflation going to be greeted with any credulity. With inflation still cited as the leading problem we face by one voter in three, his claims are only accepted by his top — and top-paid — economic advisers.

Biden has to pass his test on Thursday to be able to quell the doubters and run credibly for president.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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