Dianne Feinstein Heard Uttering 4-Word Question as Aide Helped Her Into Wheelchair – Is This Worse Than Biden?

The nation is constantly abuzz over whether Joe Biden is mentally fit enough to be president, but there are others who deserve to have that scrutiny, too, and California’s senior Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is one of them — especially after what she said upon her return to the Senate this week. Feinstein returned to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday afternoon after being out sick for nearly three months. As she exited that car that brought her to the steps of the Capitol Building she looked extremely frail while working to sit down in the waiting wheelchair that sat inches away from the car door. But barely audible in the video, Feinstein can be heard asking a worrisome question: “Where am I going?”
She also told her handlers that she had something wrong with her eye. “I’ve got something in my eye,” she said as she glanced around with one eye shut, HuffPost reported. And with her arms visibly shaking, her staffers rolled her off to the Senate as Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer stood there to welcome her back. The video spurred even more demands that she resign from her office due to infirmity. After all, there she was right in front of the Capitol, yet she was driven to ask, “Where am I going?” The question led many to assume she was confused about where she was. Granted, she could have been asking precisely where they were taking her inside the Capitol and that she knew where she was in general. But the question raised eyebrows nonetheless. Feinstein had returned to D.C. the day before but did not appear on the Senate floor and missed several more votes. The senator, first elected to her seat in 1992, is now one of the longest-service members of the upper chamber. But she has taken a lot of heat from her own side after going into the hospital in March for a case of shingles — an affliction that can be dangerous for seniors. A long list of Democratic officials — not to mention voters — have called for her to retire and resign, especially for all the judicial confirmation votes she has missed. Indeed, last week, just ahead of her return to D.C., Feinstein’s office put out a social media statement denying that her protracted absence had hampered the pace of Biden’s radical, left-wing judicial nominations. The senator, who turns 90 in June, has faced questions over the last few years about her cognitive health and memory, though she has defended her effectiveness in representing a state that is home to nearly 40 million people. Yet, even after her ballyhooed return, she has admitted that she will only conduct business on a limited schedule for the foreseeable future. “Even though I’ve made significant progress and was able to return to Washington, I’m still experiencing some side effects from the shingles virus,” Feinstein said, according to NBC. “My doctors have advised me to work a lighter schedule as I return to the Senate. I’m hopeful those issues will subside as I continue to recover.” The whole episode seems to show that she is in even worse shape than Biden, who many Americans already assume is in the grips of full-blown dementia. The way the Democratic Party keeps pushing these elderly politicians to remain at work has caused many to accuse them of elder abuse. And seeing these once strong leaders being shuffled around and led by the nose by spouses and staffers alike and leaving them open for more ailments and sicknesses from which they can only struggle to recover certainly seems to justify that accusation. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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