Desperate France Set to Violate European Court of Human Rights to Deport ‘Dangerous’ Foreigners’

A French government official indicated that France will expel foreigners considered a threat — regardless of what the European Court of Human Rights has to say. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin proposed the plan, which GB News called “the country’s most significant crackdown on migration in 30 years.” The downside is that if France is found to have violated the European Convention on Human Rights, which has been a major barrier to deportations, the country would have to pay a fine. The upside would be that France would not have to allow the people it deported back into France. Darmanin said there are “no taboos” to protect the French people against terrorism, according to The Times. “But should we keep [them] with us when they can also cause death in our country?” he said. “What is the role of the interior minister? To protect the population,” he continued. [firefly_poll] The proposal would make a major change in the length of time a foreign national could be held pending deportation, according to GB News. The current limit is 90 days, which means migrants who are detained are often freed before the process to remove them is over. The new law would extend that to 18 months. France would have the power to deport individuals with a criminal record or who are on the watchlist of an intelligence agency. The law would also seek to give the government the power to reject residency permits for people who cannot speak French or support radical Islam. “I think the French people … find that it makes sense that someone given a ten-year jail sentence for terrorist activities can be expelled because they are very dangerous,” he said. “We used to wait until we had the opinion [of the ECHR] even if that meant keeping extremely dangerous people on our soil,” he said in an interview. “Now we don’t wait. We expel, and we wait to see what the court is going to say,” he said. According to the Voice of Europe, Darmanin said France has already been getting tough on foreigners it does not want in the country. He said France was correct in expelling two Chechen criminals despite ECHR claims they could be tortured upon returning to Russia. He said 89 of what he called “radicalized foreigners” had been deported so far this year.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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