DeSantis Doubles Down on School Board Success, Shares Photo That Should Have the Left Terrified

Following on from his massive election victory in the recent midterm elections, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing his crusade against woke education. On Tuesday, DeSantis tweeted a photo from the Education Agenda School Board Retreat titled “The Freedom Blueprint” he hosted. The photo showed him speaking to a room packed with conservative and DeSantis-friendly school board members and potential 2024 candidates. In the caption, DeSantis laid out what he believes are the reasons for his massive victory in the school board races in the recent midterm elections, saying, “We earned historic victories in key school board races because our candidates stood up for parents’ rights & student success.” He ended the tweet with a sentence that should scare the left, “I look forward to helping school board candidates in the 2024 cycle!” In addition to his own massive election victory, 25 of the 30 candidates that DeSantis endorsed for school board in the recent midterm elections won their races, including the six candidates whose races went to runoffs. This shows just how successful he has been when it comes to education, and he hopes that 2024 will see the election of more school board candidates who share conservative views and believe in parental rights. And DeSantis is absolutely right about why he has had such a massive electoral success when it comes to these races — he is standing up for the rights of parents to have a role in the education of their children. Parents are sick and tired of schools indoctrinating their children into woke politics through things like graphic sex education and critical race theory. They are also sick of being demonized as extremists when they try to voice their concerns to the local school boards. DeSantis was one of the politicians who fought most vigorously for the rights of parents in this hostile atmosphere. Earlier this year, he passed the Parental Rights in Education Act, which forbids education on sexuality to young children in Florida public schools. At the time, its opponents derided it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. He also stood firm in the face of opposition from powerful lobbyists and corporations. Perhaps the most vocal opponent of this was Disney, who had its self-governing status revoked by DeSantis when they voiced opposition to the bill. But DeSantis is not the only one who has seen electoral success regarding the issue of parental rights in education. Last year, Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race on a platform of protecting the rights of parents in education. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Republican Tom Horne won the race for Arizona Superintendent of Public Education. One of his main priorities was to “empower parents by ensuring full transparency to their child’s education.” The left has had a stranglehold on education for some time, but the tide now seems to be turning against them. Two governors have now won massive victories on a platform of parental rights, and conservative candidates for positions in public education have also seen similar success. If this recent event hosted by DeSantis is any indication, the left should be running scared because more victories in the education sector may be just around the corner for conservatives in 2024. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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