Denmark’s Super Restrictive Gun Laws Couldn’t Stop Mass Shooter, 10 Victims Reported

In yet another tragic reminder that gun control laws do not prevent mass shootings, a man in Denmark shot and killed three people and wounded seven others on Sunday. The 22-year-old suspect’s has been sealed by a Danish court, the Copenhagen Police Department announced Monday on Twitter. Authorities did not specify the type of gun or guns used in the shooting. They said the suspect had mental health problems. He has been arrested and admitted to a psychiatric facility, according to Copenhagen police. The day before the rampage at a shopping mall in Copenhagen, the disturbed 22-year-old reportedly exhibited suicidal ideation and declared that medication does not work in a series of alarming videos. “The man had posted chilling videos on social media on Saturday, the day before the attack, in which he posed with a handgun and rifle and pressed their muzzles against his head and into his mouth,” Newsweek reported. “He also uploaded several playlists to YouTube, with the titles ‘Killer Music’ and ‘Last Thing to Listen To,’ writing a caption underneath reading: ‘Quetiapine does not work.'” Quetiapine is a prescription antipsychotic drug used to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and mood swings, including mania and depression, according to WebMD. The suspect had randomly selected his targets, and his mass shooting was not related to terrorism, according to Newsweek. Gun violence is rare in Denmark, which has extremely strict gun control laws. Yet they failed to deter this mass shooting. To acquire a firearm in Denmark, gun owners must be at least 18 years old and demonstrate “a genuine reason to possess a firearm, for example hunting, target shooting,” according to “An applicant for a firearm licence in Denmark must pass a background check, which considers criminal and mental health records.” Numerous conservatives pointed out that restrictive gun control laws did not prevent the Copenhagen shooting. Similarly, in Germany last month, a disturbed gunman killed a woman and then himself at a supermarket in an apparent murder-suicide. Like Denmark, Germany has among the strictest gun control laws in Europe — but they, too, failed to prevent bloodshed. Europeans love to brag that their oppressive gun laws deter shootings, but they downplay the horrifying violence their citizens suffer in the form of acid attacks, vicious stabbings, terrorist bombings and “truck attacks.” Tellingly, European countries have not moved to ban acid, knives, cars or trucks amid these deadly threats to public safety. Anti-Second Amendment agitators in the U.S. also ignore the inconvenient fact that Switzerland — which has an exceedingly high rate of gun ownership — has an overall murder rate that’s near zero. Why? Almost everyone who owns a gun in Switzerland is a legal holder, whereas in the United States, countless criminal thugs acquire guns unlawfully. So essentially, U.S. gun control laws only restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens while doing little to deter lawless thugs from terrorizing the public. If gun control laws worked, shootings would not be so common in Democrat-run cities such as Chicago and New York. But they are. Dozens are shot almost every weekend. What’s especially frightening is that Democrats and their media lapdogs are pushing to erode our constitutional right to self-defense after they’ve disempowered the police and incentivized lawlessness with their soft-on-crime policies. This is a recipe for disaster. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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