Democrats Risk Losing Hold on State Senate as One of Their Own May Have Been Found in Middle of Disqualifying Lie

Democrats Risk Losing Hold on State Senate as One of Their Own May Have Been Found in Middle of Disqualifying Lie

I think I can speak for many Americans when I say that we are tired of scam artists infiltrating our government for their own self-interest. Putting yourself first goes against the very nature of being a public servant. It leaves no room for the public.

And yet we seem to see this time and time again. The Democratic Party certainly doesn’t have a lock on the trend. It certainly seems, however, to be making it their norm. One of the newest examples is Senator Ghazala Hashmi, a Democrat from Virginia, who seems to have been caught in a lie by her neighbors, according to The Daily Wire.

If the accusations against her are true, it could cost her her Senate seat as a result. The existing senator representing District 10 in the state of Virginia, where a redistricting took place.

The result ousted Hashmi from being able to represent the district going forward as the residence she lives in does not comply with election laws, which state that you can only run in the district you live in.

This switch posed a problem for Hashmi. According to the accusations she is facing, Hashmi’s solution was simply to toss her hat in the district of her choosing. Thus, she allegedly decided to run in District 15, a neighboring Chesterfield County, where she would attempt to game the system by merely renting an apartment in the county. That’s how it looks to her accusers anyway.

Lying about the district you live in, in an election on candidacy paperwork is a felony.

But plenty of politicians, especially Democrats, seem to consider themselves above the law. It seems Hashmi might have been one of them. In filing her paperwork, she swore she resides at the Chesterfield County address, failing to disclose that she and her husband have owned a home in Midlothian since 1999.

Certain neighbors are convinced that the Midlothian home is actually her primary residence, not the Chesterfield property. The home is valued at approximately $600,000.

As Hashmi is required to disclose any additional real estate that she owns valued in excess of $5,000, her possible lack of honesty on both counts has placed her in a pickle.

According to The Daily Wire, “But four neighbors filed a complaint saying she actually lives outside the district on Bosham Lane in Midlothian, and they provided a spreadsheet saying they had driven by the house 62 times during the month of October to document her residency.”

These neighbors cased the house, it sounds like, documenting her time there as well as when she came and left. Photos were also taken. The totality of the information suggests that Hashmi lied on her Certificate of Candidacy Qualification form. If their claim holds up, Hashmi is looking at a $2,500 fine, a possible 10-year prison sentence, and her loss of the ability to vote.

The complaint made by her four neighbors was sent to Chesterfield County Registrar Missy Vera. It was dated Oct. 31. The Daily Wire followed up with both Vera and Hashmi for a request for comment. Neither have been forthcoming.

As Hashmi won her election against Republican Hayden Fisher, an attorney in the state of Virginia, Fisher isn’t taking the injustice lying down. In an interview with The Daily Wire, he told them, “I plan to stop them from certifying the election. She’s disqualified, that means I ran unopposed as a matter of law.”

Fisher continues that, based upon her lie, Hashmi must be disqualified, meaning the votes that made up 61 percent of the ballots cast for her are no longer valid. Fisher claims that the situation as it stands means that he ran unopposed. The second-place winner rightfully assumes the seat.

Fisher also squashes the idea that another election should take place, noting how it wouldn’t punish the disdainful conduct. It would also cost voters a great deal of additional money and leave the district without proper representation for many months.

If the evidence justifies the alleged lie, Hashmi will be disqualified and lose the seat she thought she had won. A Republican would then take the seat. Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears would be forced to potentially decide the matter and cast the tie-breaking vote.

Seems the neighborhood watch is alive and strong. And it might have just taken down another criminal.

Fisher points to the alleged arrogance of Hashmi in her efforts to hoodwink the system. He notes that Hashmi didn’t even make an attempt to properly legitimize her candidacy by either selling her expensive primary home and relocating to Chesterfield County.

It is a reality that underlines the very nature of the politician, herself. We live at a time when so many in government choose to “do what they want” over what is “legally allowed.” They grow rich through their dishonesty while those they serve struggle to get by and stay safe.

It is a corrupt system that needs to be fully overhauled. As much as we have assumed that there are checks and balances to police our politicians, we’ve learned otherwise over the last few years. These four neighbors represent the only effective policing that our nation has today. We should commend them and take note.

Frankly, as more of these kinds of incidents crop up, the more government falls into question. Conversation regarding whether there is anything or anyone working in it worth saving arises.

Is it any wonder the opinion to trash it and completely start over is expanding? When you keep breaking the people’s trust, there is a moment that eventually comes to pass when that trust is fully shattered. We are living in that moment now in our nation, I believe.

Unfortunately, where Democrats will see this as an opportunity to change the laws, Republicans will continue to in-fight, leaving the people vulnerable. We must do everything ourselves as corruption is at every level and we have few to depend on at the helm.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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