Democratic Congresswoman Shredded for ‘Evil’ Response to Laken Riley Murder

Democratic Congresswoman Shredded for ‘Evil’ Response to Laken Riley Murder

Sometimes when you hear leftists speak it makes you think, “How can they be this clueless?” Or, “How can they shamelessly spout such a lie?”

Think about what they tell us: The economy is great. Joe Biden is as fit and vigorous as ever. Donald Trump will destroy democracy.

And sometimes they say something inane just to push their talking points.

For example, Democratic Rep. Katie Porter of California cautioning us not to develop immigration policy because it was an illegal immigrant who is alleged to have killed Georgia nursing student Riley Laken while she was running on Thursday.

That’s what she said on CNN, and it was posted on the social media platform X by Breaking911.

“Well, I think that when a horrible tragedy like this happens, I think whenever we’re dealing with violent crime, there’s a sense of outrage, of sadness, and of loss,” Porter told the CNN audience.

“But I think the important thing to focus on is any one instance shouldn’t shape our overall immigration policy.”

The important thing?

The brutal bludgeoning murder of Riley Laken is the important thing, Rep. Porter.

Secondly, it’s a death that apparently would not have occurred if Jose Antonio Ibarra of Venezuela had not reportedly invaded the country as an illegal border jumper.

And that crime — and those like it that repeatedly happen — should have no bearing on our immigration policy, Rep. Porter?

“What an awful thing to say,” Breaking911 noted.

Thankfully, many on X posted their criticisms of Porter’s foolish statement.

“Katie Porter is literally insufferable,” posted Riley Gaines, the former University of Kentucky swim team member infamously edged from her championship by a transgendered swimmer.

“How ill-informed/shameless must you be to act like the death of an innocent American citizen at the hands of an illegal alien is a one-off? Evil people,” Gaines said.

“This is about as heartless and soulless a politician you will ever get,” Sean Feucht wrote.

“What an absolute terrible thing to tell the family,” Nick Dogington posted.

“What about how George Floyd changed everything?” Nick Kupper said.

And an individual named Steve Six posted a statement that perhaps put the whole matter of Rep. Porter’s statement in perspective.

“Would she feel differently if it was a member of her family that was a ‘one off?'”

Of course, not all crimes are committed by illegal invaders.

But there is one they all commit — violation of the nation’s borders in defiance of its laws.

And in that sphere of initial lawlessness, it’s telling how many of the invaders are involved in crime against U.S. citizens.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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